Watch for running: wrist trainers for both sexes

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Picked up fashionable helpers for the opening of the running season and weight loss for the summer. The snow is gone, which means you can run outside without fear of wetting your feet and catch a cold. So that the process of getting yourself in shape and maintaining it is easier and more pleasant, here are a few options of watch for running.

Watch for running

casio baby G

Casio G-Shock Baby-G Step Tracker: Opening the first running season

The most affordable option for slimming runners offers a cult line of “G-shock”. Pedometer remembers activity and builds graphs. You can set tasks at a distance and time – a beep will alert you of the performance, and a countdown will help begin the conquest on time.

The stopwatch will show the exact time of the exercise, and the light will allow you to read the readings even in the dark of evening runs. Even if the watch falls or hits something, nothing will happen to them, and water protection allows you not to take them off while sailing. A great option for beginners!

Price: 110 dollars

Michael Kors Access Runway

Michael Kors Access Runway Smart watch

Jogging and in the gym also need to look fashionable. One of the most sought-after brands knows this very well and has taken care of their fans. The clock will tell you how many calories are burned, the steps have been passed or run, will mark the time of the exercises and show the pulse with a stopwatch. The system of reminders and creating tasks will help to program the training plan and, most importantly, to follow it!

For those who like to run to the music in the clock enough memory for your favorite tracks. A convenient bracelet with a folding clasp will not allow the watch to fall from your hand. In addition, the clock is synchronized with the smartphone – they receive notifications from mail, social networks and other applications, so you can stay connected even during workouts.

Price: 450 dollars

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani Connected: Stylish Millennials

First, they are round. Secondly, modern and very concise outwardly. Thirdly, it is addressed to a young active audience. The watch is equipped with a 1.19-inch AMOLED display, Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and Wear OS. In addition to the necessary steps for runners, calories burned and a stopwatch, they will help pay for purchases through NFC, not to get lost in space thanks to the integrated GPS and many more useful things to do.

The case with a diameter of 43 mm is made of steel with a choice of black, silver, blue, pale coral. The bracelet can also be chosen: silicone, steel or Milan weaving.

Price: 350 dollars

Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth

Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth: Stern Guys

This is the case when one device on the wrist will solve almost all possible tasks. For athletes there is not only a stopwatch, calorie consumption and distance traveled. You can measure the pace of running right in the process, set tasks for mileage and monitor the execution time and speed. And it will measure the latter when running, when riding a bicycle, when swimming – the water resistance of the model allows you to do this, but without underwater swims.

If you buy a Suunto Smart Sensor heart rate transmitted by the time, you can monitor the pulse during exercise. For route planning, there are maps and GPS or GLONASS navigation. Weather sensor will warn of impending bad weather. Also in the watch, there is a barometer, altimeter, compass, moon phase indicator, and so on – this model will also appeal to hunters, tourists and survivors.

Price: 350 dollars

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