Travel through time and around the world – Timex: US innovator

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The company mainly self – created mechanisms for their wristwatches. 
Originally the company was founded under the name of Waterbury Clock in Waterbury. This was the nerve center of the American watch manufacturing at the time. Sister company Waterbury Watch manufactured the first watch in 1880 affordable bracelet. Wristwatches took much fame during the First World War. In 1933 the company made under license from von Walt Disney’s first Mickey Mouse watch. During the Second World War the company was renamed Ahrend des Zweiten Weltkriegs wurde die Firma in US Time Company umbenannt.Time.

travel-through-time-and-around-the-world-timex-us-innovatorThen they started making watches with the name “Timex”. The company then renamed Timex Corporation and later Timex Group.

The clocks had already then reputed to be affordable and unbreakable. 
During a CHILDREN 50 and even to CHILDREN 80 intense campaign LITTLE GIRL advertising gave great popularity to the brand. Revenues were egregious. At the end of a CHILDREN 50 one in three was a Timex watches sold.

The slowdown experienced during the 70s followed by a 80s where investments went mainly to the world of computing and computer. The Joint Venture with the company Sinclair Research came the personal computer Sinclair Timex 1000. Later, Timex away again computer manufacturing because it was unable to keep apace and developments in this sector.

The watch then returns to again become a central part for the company. Timex was able to maintain its position in the US and Canada. Timex manufactures among others for fashion brands, Guess, Nautica, Ecko and Versace. Timex retains horological own manufacturing techniques such as, for example, the permanent calendar.

The fact that today remains a leader in the US market, we must, among other things, to constant innovation that characterizes the company.

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