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As you know we are an anniversary, we celebrated in CRISTIAN LAY 35 years to your side and we want you to have a special memory. For this, we have made the best of the gifts, just for you and in a special edition 35 anniversary, we present the Tourbillion watch.

The Tourbillion watch is presented as a limited edition, there are only 35 units coinciding with our 35th anniversary. It is a watch with steel case, leather strap, and Tourbillion mechanism. With a 3-year warranty, the Tourbillion watch has five atmospheres, luminescent hands, and sapphire crystal.

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

35 years with you to give you the best

We have developed the tourbillion watch with great care for you, on this special occasion so that you have a pleasant memory. 35 years have passed since Jimi watches saw the light, that’s why we want to celebrate with you. Tourbillion watch is the best way to do it, a piece of exclusive jewelry that can be yours.

A watch made so handmade taking care of every detail, from its finish up their movement. Irradiated and accurate thanks to the Tourbillion mechanism that does not affect gravity. The Tourbillion movement was born in 1795 from the hand of Abraham Breguet, from then until now has become a mechanical movement par excellence in the world of watch making this watch in an exclusive collector ‘s item.

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

The five atmospheres allow us to have a water clock and in addition, being luminescent allows to reflect the light of the sphere. A watch for the most demanding customers in the world in watch making that can be yours thanks to the 35th anniversary of Jimi watches.

Its guarantee is maximum since it is an exclusive piece and, as we say, there are only 35 units available. Do not run out of your watch! Ask for him to your Advisor, she will take care of reserving this wonder of the clock so that it can be in your personal collection as a gift, a memory of our anniversary that we want you to have at home.

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