The success story of the watch brand with 150 years of Junghans star

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150 years the brand Junghans set a clear commitment to Germany as a location. Marked by a long tradition, innovation and values, the name Junghans has been associated for generations with terms such as quality, reliability, passion and precision. Throughout the long history of this company original tradition of the town of Schramberg has managed to develop technologies continuously getting and make their mark in the history of watchmaking also safeguarding their own philosophy: combining futuristic ideas with search accuracy more absolute

National and international structures allow the company Junghans offer a product “Made in Germany” novel. And it will allow, so the watch brand with the star will continue to write its success story.

the-success-story-of-the-watch-brand-with-150-years-of-junghans-starTradition and modernity shake hands

Junghans company was founded in 1861 by Erhard Junghans and his brother Jakob Zeller-Tobler in Schramberg. A place full of tradition, where today we still find the company. From the beginning, the house Junghans paid special attention to the precision and the best possible quality in the manufacturing process. Initially, the company was limited to the production of parts for the manufacture of watches. Junghans watches first hit the market back in the yea; The success story of the watch brand with the star Junghanso 150 years of 1866. With the registration of the brand Junghans as well known today, with a 8 – pointed star, began in 1890 to Junghans time patents and processes, which will provide significant advantages in terms of what the production is concerned. the Junghans watches became a symbol to everyone, which increased its popularity considerably and worldwide

already in 1903 Junghans had with more than 3,000 employees, it sold 3 million watches annually and was the largest watchmaking factory in the world. The 30s were a very important mechanical watchmaking era. That was when the first models of the legendary line Meister came on the market, one of the most recognized of the house. The 50s were also relevant to the long history of the company: At this time Junghans imposes itself as the largest manufacturer of chronometers in Germany.

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