Review of Swiss men’s watch Alpina Startimer Pilot AL-710B4S6

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The company Alpina creates watches since 1883 and has an interesting history, full of ups and downs. You know, in cinema there is the notion of “another movie”, Alpina – “other hours”. The male “mechanic” Alpina Startimer Pilot AL-710B4S6 has come to us.

Alpina AL-710B4S6 by definition cannot be small, like any watch of a civil aviation pilot. This model does not cause any inconvenience, despite the immodest diameter of 44 mm and the thickness of 14 mm from the surface of the back cover to the highest point of the domed sapphire crystal. Whether we like it or not, almost all hours of pilots have dimensions that go beyond the averages. These are the laws of the genre. Keep reading: Review of Hanowa Satellite Watches

Review of Alpina Startimer Pilot

Swiss men's watch Alpina Startimer Pilot

The appearance of the Alpina AL-710B4S6 is unusual: on the one hand, it is a classic body – wide arms, raised above the base of the bezel. On the other hand, the treatment of all surfaces is done so thoroughly that the classics acquire a new life. The entire upper layer of the steel case is matted, only the edge of the bezel is polished. The crown is massive, its height is 5mm, the diameter is 7.5mm, the touch is very convenient. The engraved sign of Alpina on the flat part of the crown makes the body style complete.

Clock face

The dial completely corresponds to the mood that the body sets. Here everything is great (hence, it is perfectly readable): large Arabic numerals, large arrows, large Alpina logo. The color of the dial is classic – black, very rich and deep. A 6-hour mark shows a counter with a scale corresponding to the calendar numbers.

Swiss men's watch Alpina Startimer Pilot

Masters Alpina adhered to not all traditions of the pilot’s hours when creating the model Startimer Pilot AL-710B4S6. On many mechanical wristwatches of aviation subjects, the shooters meet the aggressor aggressively, so they look like swords. Alpina Startimer Pilot – a completely different story, the hands on the dial of this model resemble leaves. Neat, but noticeable.


Inside the clock, the mechanism of Alpina’s own production is working hard. Immediately announce its basic data: AL-710 is a high-quality caliber with a self-winding function, supplemented with a scattering of precious stones for decoration (26 pieces) and a power reserve of 42 hours.

The mechanism of the AL-710 is distinguished by an unusual rotor, characterized by increased wear resistance due to the treatment with PVD coating, with the application of the “Cotes de Geneve” pattern. The rotor in the caliber AL-710 boasts smaller dimensions than products of other companies.

Swiss men's watch Alpina Startimer Pilot

Part of the caliber can be seen through the insert of sapphire glass on the back cover. The view opens with a balance sheet, a self-winding bridge, and the already mentioned rotor. Avoiding the observations of the movement of parts, we consider the steel sections of the back cover, where the engravings go one after another. One of them is located on the side, between the arms, – here you can find out the personal number of Alpina Startimer Pilot AL-710B4S6. A total of 8,888 such men’s wristwatches were produced.


Leather has become the chosen material for making the watch strap. The tapering strap is 22 mm wide and is equipped with a one-way buckle, which has become a distinctive feature of the “pilot” clock. The strap fastens easily, it stays securely. Separate gratitude is worthy of the master, who took care of uniform proportions of the hull – without them, the clock would be uncomfortable to wear.

Hours like Alpina AL-710B4S6, I would like to see much more often as “another movie”. This is a watch with a pronounced character for more than a fair price.

A person who is in search of something qualitative and unpopular, sooner or later will find his own. The company Alpina – a clear example of how a whole group of people found their vocation! And we can fully enjoy the result of their teamwork! Read also:

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