Review of Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision

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In this review, consider a model the Victorinox the Swiss Army Night the Vision. This model could be called Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision III, but the brand has decided to drop the name with the number and stopped counting.

This decision makes sense because in the future it might be a little silly, suggesting that they will be releasing the seventh and eighth embodiments of the models. New Swiss Watches Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision is a classic model.

Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision

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Mens Watch Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision have some distinctive features. The model has a so-called light-locator, and the idea is to let you find the clocks in absolute darkness. In the direction of 6 hours, there is a small LED, it flashes red once every ten seconds. For some, this may seem like an unnecessary feature that quickly get bored, but the manufacturer Victorinox Swiss Army has provided this option. This feature can be turned off five quick press on a pusher located on the left side of the body.

The red LED is one of the three functions clock Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision. The second is on the other side in the direction of the dial 12 watches – blue LED. Blue LED lighting has a watch dial function. One press on the pusher – the light is lit for a few seconds, long enough to read the dial. By the way, hands and hour markers swiss watches Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision covered with fluorescent composition, so in some cases, you can not use the backlight.

Last third function, and probably most important, based on the name of the watch Night Vision, located on the outside of the housing in the direction of 12 hours. There is a white LED, which also has several functions. Most people will use it as a low-power flashlight, which is very useful in the dark.

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This little flashlight has three modes. The first is activated by two presses of the button illumination, it simply turns on the light, which illuminates the whole two minutes, if you do not press the plunger again to turn it off to the passage of time.

Signal mode – Pressing the pusher activated three times in the second mode. In this case, the light flashes as a stroboscope, within two minutes, or until, as in the first case, there will be manually disabled. The last mode is called the intense signal. It is activated by pressing and holding the pusher for five seconds. This function is used as a beacon or signal indicating a location.

By the way, the locator light also serves as a battery charge indicator. The fact that watches Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision has two batteries: one is used to power the mechanism, and the other – for illumination, flashlight and flashing (3-volt lithium 2032). However, I’m not sure, to which the battery charge indicator refers (possibly to both).

The brand offers watches Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision with light or dark dial, steel bracelet or leather strap. Most likely, the majority of fans will buy Swiss Army Stainless Steel Bracelet. It has a solid folding clasp style butterfly.

These new watches Night Vision Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision (Ref. 241569) are available in steel width 42 mm. This model is small and it’s not bad. The dial is protected by a durable sapphire crystal with anti-reflective AR coating, water resistance up to 50 meters (without screw head). Inside the watch is a Swiss quartz movement.

One of the things that I really like to watch Victorinox Swiss Army is their devotion. While they have more expensive watches cost several thousand dollars, many models available are the price to $ 1000. This male model is very popular, is of good quality and design for the real money.


Retail price for Swiss watches Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision is $ 695.

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