Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Moon Phase

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In most areas of technology complexity of the invention – is unpleasant evil that floats at inappropriate times and usually must be limited and suppressed. In the world of watchmaking invention and complexity are highly valued and cherished. Complicated watches from leading brands that include calendar, astronomical maps, power reserve indicators and so on, are highly valued in collecting.

Review of men’s watches Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Moon Phase

Of course, there is a side effect of complex hours. It lies in the fact that such models may require more frequent maintenance, and they are at the top of the market price range of expensive Swiss watches. There is one brand that is trying to break this vicious circle – Raymond Weil (RW). Part of their mission is to create a clock with a classic design and a variety of complications while maintaining the price within the range. A good example of their effort is a model of the Automatic Maestro Pets Allowed Raymond Weil Moon Phase, which also includes a number of features: day, date, month and moon phases.

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Many clock line Maestro, substantially represents classic round clock with dials decorated with different calendar complications. Male model Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Moon Phase is a relatively small by today’s standards for hours. Its wide polished stainless steel having a width of 39.5 mm and a thickness of 11 mm. Weight hours too small – only 70 grams. Brown Strap 20 mm tapering to 16 mm, it fits perfectly to the color of polished steel buckle, on which is written the name of the watch brand Raymond Weil.

Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Moon Phase: Great Kit

My favorite part of this watch is a great kit, which can be seen through the flat sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides. Dial color silver patterned with a central circle, the clock is made of steel.

The Swiss watch Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Moon Phase has a moon phase indicator. The moon appears in gold on a blue background with gold stars. The kit includes markers Roman numerals in black. The current date shows an additional arrow. In a nutshell, the entire set is quite attractive and legible.

Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Moon Phase: Movement

The clock Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Moon Phase installed automatic RW gauge 4600, which is a modified ETA 2824. Transparent back cover showing the whole beauty of movement.

Adjusting the day of the week, date, month, moon phases through flat pushers at 2, 4, 8 and 10 hours. To simplify the adjustment process, the model includes a small pin made of stainless steel, which has a tip, ideally designed for pushers. The pin includes a brown leather bag with the initials RW.

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Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Moon Phase: Negative Aspects

Although I have a lot of positive feelings for this watch, and as I said, I really like the dial, there are some negative aspects.

  1. The case of little small. I think that one or two additional millimeters would help achieve the perfect size. Interestingly, the relatively small size of the crown, which has a distinctive logo RW, scratching his wrist. I’m not sure that this is due to the fact that I wear a watch too close to the arm, but the softer edges of the crown would help to avoid this.
  2. While I can close their eyes to the relatively small size of the model, the following are my two complaints have arisen from the moment when I got the watch. The belt is not made of real alligator. Brown is great, but who wants to fake skin in the classical clock? Raymond Weil should either abandon the pattern in the form of an alligator or use the real leather strap.

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  3. While I once again forgive Raymond Weil for rare jewelry mechanisms excuses for the weak rotor decorations I have not. In addition, I found the rotor excessively noisy. This noise is not annoying, but I hear the noise of metal when the rotor rotates. Not sure if this is due to lack of lubrication, or that the rotor comes to sides of the body, either due to the fact that he was a little free, but it is definitely noisy.
  4. Finally, the model is completely invisible at night. Watches Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Moon Phase are not the luminescent coating, so at night time cannot be determined without the need of lighting.

Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Moon Phase

Even though these are some drawbacks, watches Maestro Automatic Moon Phase are good. After all, the brand has made them affordable price range with a particularly large number of functions. The price of men’s watches Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Moon Phase is $2950.

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