The Versatile Longines Master Collection Retrograde Watch

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A few years ago, the Longines brand launched its new Master Collection Retrograde watch collection. It was timed to the 175th anniversary of the brand and it showed some interesting mechanisms made specifically for Longines ETA. Two watches are offered, both made of 18-carat pink gold or stainless steel. Longines Master Collection Retrograde watches are available in sizes 41 and 44 mm wide. The models are quite versatile.

Review of Longines Master Collection Retrograde

Longines Master Collection Retrograde

The Longines Master Collection Retrograde steel model is 44 mm, sometimes called the “Quadruple retrograde”, because in addition to the time on the dial it has four retrograde hands. It is important to note that the models differ in different options for mechanisms, as well as the presence or absence of external pushers on the body (for adjusting the calendar). Continue reading: The Oris Carlos Coste Cenote Limited Edition Watch.

All the mechanisms of the Longines Master Collection Retrograde are viewed through the back cover – and this is really cool. The movement has several interesting features. Firstly, this is the time, which includes the retrograde display of seconds (in the area of 6 hours of the main dial) and hours in 24-hour format (on the dial on the left).

This 24 hour feature is part of the GMT function and helps when traveling in time zones. There is a date indicator (on the dial on the right) and a week indicator (in the area for 12 hours). There is a similar version of this model that has a power reserve indicator.

When the crown is pulled out to set the time of the Longines Master Collection Retrograde, all retrograde hands are reset to zero. Once you return the head back they all return to their previous positions. I believe that this has something in common with the modular design of the machine since the time and the calendar is divided. For its price, the mechanisms are different in operation and provide useful functionality.

Longines Master Collection Retrograde: Additional Features

Longines Master Collection Retrograde

The Longines brand always offers well-made cases. Well polished over the entire surface, a thick steel casing with crisp edges makes the whole model chic. It’s a pretty big clock, and I like it, but for watch lovers, it’s easier, there are versions on belts that, of course, weigh a little less. The inner part of the bracelet is polished with a brush. The case uses sapphire glass, and the water resistance of the Longines Master Collection Retrograde model reaches 30 meters. Keep reading

Watch strap Longines Master Collection Retrograde is very comfortable, it is made of alligator skin and it has a butterfly clasp. I was impressed with the quality of the strap and also found that it suited my wrist well. However, he lacks the lack of micro-adjustment, so you can find it either just too large or too small.

It goes without saying that the main dial attracts your attention in the Longines Master Collection Retrograde watch. Beautiful symmetrical dials with correctly selected arrows are evidence of the modern classic watch design. On the main dial, which is deeply embedded in the case, various textures and sections are engraved.

Price of Longines Master Collection Retrograde

As I already mentioned, Master Collection Retrograde watches are available in different versions. Other variants are models with hour markers in the form of Arabic and Roman numerals. I recommend this watch as a model, nice looking in a classic style, which does not require huge cash costs to purchase it. The price of the Longines Master Collection Retrograde watch is quite reasonable – $3,200.

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