Japanese Orient open heart review: RA-AG0005L1

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The famous watch manufacturer is famous for its quality at a reasonable price, as well as a wide range in which everyone will find something to their liking. Marche has something to offer to those who want the mechanical essence of the watch to be immediately visible. Lovers of watches with an open balance node – the so-called “open heart” – are offered a model from the Classic collection.

Orient open heart review

Orient open heart review

Specifications Orient RA-AG0005L1
Type of mechanism mechanical self-winding
Housing steel
Clock face blue
Bracelet leather belt
Water protection 30WR
Glass mineral
Made in Japan

The design of the watch, as the name implies, is discreet. The model belongs to the casual style, that is suitable for any occasion. The case is made of the traditional for most watches material – polished stainless steel. Its diameter is small – 40.5 mm, that is, the watch fits on a narrow wrist.


Orient open heart review

The dial of the deep blue color can change the shade from light blue to dark blue depending on the light falling on it. Light arrows polished to shine harmonize with it, marks and numbers make it easy to read the readings even with a quick glance at the clock.

The dark blue dial, dark blue leather-belted ORIENT Bambino Open Heart RA-AG0005L10B, also known as RA-AG0005L, has an average 40.5 mm case of modern watches, made of stainless steel. The color of the watch is silver, its thickness is massive, 12.5 mm, the weight of the watch is 59 g. The watch is drip-free, which means that you can wash your hands, splash water, but do not bathe or swim in it. The glass is ORIENT RA-AG0005L10B convex hardened crystal glass, which is more resistant to scratches but can scratch strong mechanical impact.

Mohs scale of hardness

The dial is dark blue in color, reinforcing the classic effect of the convex glass and the face of the dial is slightly convex. On the dial, you can see the inside of the structure at 9 hours through a window. The ORIENT logo is located at 12 o’clock, the clock on the central axis shows the time in silver and minutes. There is a glass window on the backside to gain insight into the operation of the RA-AG0005L10B. The adjusting crown is at 3 o’clock. The watch strap is a dark blue, dark blue sewn, 21 mm wide real leather strap.

The ORIENT RA-AG0005L10B features an “Orient Cal. F6T22”, a 40-hour power-operated Japanese automatic system. The structure can also be pulled out of the crown, and a second hitch, allowing for more accurate time setting. The ORIENT Bambino Open Heart RA-AG0005L10B Walking Reserve is 40 hours, which means that if you put down the clock in full condition, it will last for 40 hours without touching. means that the second’s pointer moves 6 times per second. This provides the feeling in the automatic clock that the second’s point is beautifully “floating” around the dial.



Orient uses only proprietary mechanisms. The watch is equipped with a caliber, with the function of both automatic and manual winding. This allows the owner to enjoy the light sound of the gears in the manual winding. If there is no desire to turn the crown, the automatic winding will help – the mechanism starts up itself during the wearing process on the hand. You can look at his work through the transparent back cover. Power reserve – up to 40 hours.

The model comes on an elegant dark blue leather strap or steel bracelet. In the second case, the hour markers at 12 and 6 o’clock will be replaced with Roman numerals. The price of the Orient open heart RA-AG0005L1 is 160 dollar.

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