How to Configure and Connect the Smart Watches

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If you are going for the first time buy a smart watch, functioning under the control of Android Wear, it is likely that the initial setting of the gadget will cause you some problems. Solve their help this manual. It is suitable for all devices endowed with Google’s operating system, whether it’s Moto 360 2, the LG Watch, Urbane¬†or some other model.

It should be noted that the developers of Google constantly improve his creation. So do not be surprised that your watch some of the steps may differ from those listed in this medication guide.

Included with any clock supplied instruction manual. With this article, you can forget about it. We will step by step take you from the basic device configuration to its full use. Also, we will consider the connection to the smartphone portable. Usually, this operation is to install and configure the associated application, without which the full synchronization is virtually impossible.

For the development of your purchase, you will need 10 minutes. Or a little more, if you read the manual most carefully. Separately, we note that this guide is intended for owners of smartphones based on Android. If you are going to connect the smart watch to iPhone, it is recommended to refer to another manual.

1.Unpacking and first steps

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After unpacking, you should think about its full charge, so that the battery is not the village half way to victory. This is usually used conventional charger or dock – everything depends on the model purchased hours. At the same time, remove all kinds of protective coatings – in particular, the manufacturer usually glues on the screen transparent film that is sure to be a nuisance. When the battery is fully charged – you will see a corresponding notification.

2.Synchronize your smartphone

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Now comes the main clock setting. They will ask you to select a language and declare that it is time to synchronize with your smartphone. For this purpose, it is necessary to install the application Companion Android Wear. You can find it in the Play the Google, it extends free. Once you install and run this program, she immediately asks for interfacing with the device based on the same operating system.

You will be given a list, which displays the names of all working nearby wearable. Select your model and confirm the action on the portable gadget’s screen. If you do not see the name of the watch list, make sure that the electronic devices are close to each other. Also, it does not hurt to check whether Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.

The application then prompts you to enable access to notifications received in the smart watch. In fact, it is an ordinary switch in settings where you program and redirect.

3.gestures in Android Wear

The operating system is controlled by gestures, which is easy to get used to. Swipe from right to left on the name of a menu item, and then you find yourself in this particular section. To close it you must swipe your finger from left to right. To move between the menu items and applications are used in the finger up and down movement.

If you whisk your finger down from the top of the screen, you will be prompted to select the sound mode. For example, it is easier to just disable sound notifications of all notifications, so that they do not interfere with viewing the movie, or business meetings. And Android Wear update, released in early 2016, has brought in support for even a single gesture. It is to raise your hands – it leads to the fact that you get out of the current chapter. Entrance to the highlighted menu item is done inversely – should be dramatically lower the arm with the clock and return it to its original position. All this will appeal to those people who do not want to once again leave the screen fingerprints.

More do not forget that the system automatically switches the screen as soon as you raise your hand to look at the clock. Not for what it is not necessary to press the button.

4.Setting wearable

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Each update Android Wear slightly changes the user interface. But the principles of the settings is not subjected to a serious transformation. This process is carried out in the menu. User available date and time setting (as without it?), The management module Wi-Fi, activate Airplane Mode (disables all wireless means of communication), restart the gadget, select the Brightness level and recovery. The last point will come in handy at a time when you want to sell smart watches another person. It removes information about your account and all the applications installed previously.

5.Smartphone Setup

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Smart Clock does not have much sense to use without having to sync with a smartphone. We now turn to the Android Wear app settings installed on your phone. Its main screen shows you sync with what the clock is now being implemented. Apps are also displayed here, interacting with your smartphone. For example, it may be Google Fit, counting steps and transmitting information over the telephone. You can click on any icon and see more information.

At the top of the screen, you can see a small icon in the form of gears. Click on it to get to the client configuration. Here you can block notifications from specific applications installed on the smartphone. This is very useful if you do not want to hear the buzz on the wrist for absolutely any occasion. You can also include a calendar of events and promote the transfer navigation data. In short, this is a very useful section that is not to be missed.

6.Change the clock face in the Android Wear

Smart watches are good that their face can be easily changed. Tired option, similar to the Rolex watch? Replace it with a watch dial Casio! This can be done at least every day.

To change the dial can be used several ways. Sometimes a set of dials is available in Annex-companion, is installed on the smartphone. But more often this set has a built-in Google Play operating system. To access it, you need to press and hold your finger on the current dial. Then the finger will only move left and right, choose the right candidate. Then make a single press – vending dial immediately replace the previous one.

Also, you can find additional sets of dials on Google Play, including the recent collection of dials from famous designers. With each day of their choice is getting wider.


It’s hard to imagine that something is when you set up Android Wear can go wrong. If happened, then try to restart the device any trouble. This usually eliminates hang and some other problems.

More do not forget that on your smartphone must be turned on Bluetooth. Otherwise, it will not be able to transmit clock smart notification. The smartphone does not have much to move away from the clock. No matter how powerful Bluetooth-transmitter was not built into it, he is not omnipotent.

The problems with the timing may cause Bluetooth-foreign objects. For example, a wireless headset or other similar accessories. If they are at the time set aside, the clock is required to continue to consistently receive information located within walking distance of the smartphone.

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