Harry Winston Opus Eleven Review

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2017 was simply amazingly good for the Opus collection of the famous watch brand Harry Winston. Back in 2017, the brand began to produce a collection of the limited edition which became a great and high-quality product for lovers of wristwatches.

Review of Harry Winston Opus Eleven

To put it mildly, the new model looks unusual. You really need to see Opus Eleven in action to understand it. Many, looking at the dial shapes, call this watch “Opus Mickey”, it seems because of its design – the ears of Mickey Mouse. Designer Harry Winston Opus Eleven wanted them to have more movements and an unusual shape, to achieve this help three circles, which, in fact, constitute the dial is forming with each other.Harry Winston Opus Eleven

Since the Harry Winston brand is a “precious” watch brand, Opus Eleven comes in 18-karat white gold. In addition, it is good in them and the effective part, more like a mixture of crazy mechanical elements, excellently at the same time working. Harry Winston mentions that for those who want to get an expensive and solid version of the model, a version with diamonds will be available. On the wrist, Opus Eleven sits comfortably. The watch comes with a black alligator strap that fits well with the design of the model. The crown is located in a convenient place.

When the designer imagined his future creation – Harry Winston Opus Eleven, he wanted to make the feeling that “time is blowing up.” The result of his thinking activity was the invention of a “puzzle” where complex matrix plates are assembled together to form a display of the hour indicator, and then break up again. There are a speed control function and a control system. The power reserve of the watch is 48 hours, and the water resistance is 30 meters. One can say with confidence that this is one of the most complicated models of watches in the world. Movement, consisting of parts more than 500, makes you draw attention. At the heart of the clock lie 155 precious stones.

According to the manufacturer

The system is durable enough for everyday wear. The watch has a function of shock absorption and shaking, which will help them to work for a long time. The main “container” on the case displays a clock, and in the upper right corner two discs for displaying minutes are smartly arranged. The glass on the Harry Winston Opus Eleven watch is made of sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating and is located as a cap for protection against external influences. The case itself is similar to a layered pie made of sapphire glass and white gold.


I’m delighted with such a technological movement of the remarkable Opus Eleven model and I think that this is one of the best Opus watches ever. Why? Because they really embody the dreams of the Opus watch lovers. Harry Winston Opus Eleven watches will be available as a limited edition of 111 pieces (100 of gold and 11 of gold with diamonds), the price varies in the range of $ 250,000 ($ 230,000 for white gold models and $ 289,000 of white gold with diamonds).

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