Cartier Calibre Modern Watch

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Cartier company called legitimate brand mark. She has a bunch of reputation, a solid history and a large number of famous people who wear its products. It really – a model of a strong luxury brand watches.

Several years ago, Cartier decided to create more high-quality watches, as well as to offer manufactured mechanisms. It was done partly because of ETA; constant threats stopped after the supply other makes of hours arrangements. ETA has not done this, but Cartier proved smarter to invest in the production of machinery when it is possible.

cartier calibre
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Review of Cartier Calibre

The first watch contained the internal mechanisms. Cartier was very high quality. Cartier proposed an entirely new look and felt to the type of watch, which could be named Cartier. All of these watches are exotic mechanisms. In 2016, Cartier announced the release of these regular hours Calibre. New Sports men’s look with its machinery.

Cartier Calibre: Mechanism

This mechanism was 1904 MHz’s Thin gauge, automatic, which had a 48-hour power reserve with a rotor consisting of a ceramic ball bearing. It was rather a pleasant decoration. The watch has a subdial second and date. Cartier made sure that this model has a lot of differences compared to most of the main mechanisms proposed by ETA. You can see the movement through a sapphire window at the back of the watch.

Cartier Calibre: Bracelet

Cartier is known for a lovely bracelet, as new sports watches are made and on the strap. Watches Cartier Calibre 42 mm wide, a lot of space. Due to the traction that allows wrapping around your wrist, this watch very conveniently sits on a hand. Detailing the bracelet is very good. Thin strips placed around the polished metal surfaces treated.

Cartier Calibre: Dial

Looking at the internal side of the dial, it seems that you are considering the mechanism of the teeth. This design element adds visual interest and complexity to a rather simple dial. Cartier wanted to make sure he had the right mix of sophistication and simplicity.

cartier calibre
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The dial is cool, and many people like to treat them. Cartier slightly expanded clock hands made them longer, thereby increasing the light in the darkness. Large arrows, tasteful dial with Roman numerals – make these luxury watches. The biggest point of contention for most people – expanded the date window. The dial can make in black, white or brown.

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But good flavor bracelet watch adds grip butterfly clip. Some clips Cartier – simple clamps, which are prone to self-discovery. They also may get worse over time. Detailing on the clip is very good, and they work perfectly.

Cartier Calibre: Price

Features of the bracelet, case, sapphire crystal, which seems crystal and the internal mechanism of the clock makes a welcome. Price hours Cartier Calibre steel 7 is $ 500, and with 18-carat gold is 10 $ 950.

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