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Thanks to advances in navigation technologies, child tracking becomes a trifling matter. It’s enough to get the appropriate wearable gadget that will be on the arm or in a backpack of the child.

Some trackers work on the basis of simple radio waves without using energy-intensive for GPS-Signal. Such devices will help you to quickly find your baby after you have turned away from him. Also like the device will come to the aid of a large supermarket, where the child can also suddenly go somewhere. Typically, these trackers operate via Bluetooth technology.

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As for GPS, its support trackers have more complex. With their help, you can see the exact position of the person who put the appropriate device. See where it is now a child can be on your smartphone or tablet. Some trackers offer an electronic barrier function, which is drawn on the map by parents. If a child has gone beyond the scope of this geofence, then a smartphone mom or dad immediately notice comes.

In this article, we will look at the best trackers designed for supervision of children. All of them are now commercially available.

Weenect Kids tracker

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The relatively recent development. It comprising waterproof tracker, a protective cover and a charger that connects to USB-port.

The first month of use absolutely free. Later, however, will have to pay $42 for every 12 months of use of the service. Monitoring is carried out by means of maps, a compass to the distance to an object or even augmented reality. In the latter case you need to use the built-in smartphone camera – you will soon see the screen icon, symbolizing the whereabouts of the child, as well as the distance to it.

It must be noted on the tracker Weenect Kids SOS button. Older children will be able to use it to call their parents for help. And even here there is a function of mom or dad warning that the child returned home. The device is able to work all over Europe, as well as in South Korea, India, Malaysia, Australia, Madagascar, and Ghana. The best choice for such a relatively small amount of money!


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Tinitell knows two things. Firstly, there has traditional-the GPS tracker to track a person’s location via a mobile application. Secondly, it is just a phone, dressed in a waterproof case, you wear on your wrist.

The device is designed in Sweden. The rubberized case, you can insert any microSIM-card. First of all, this device is designed for Japan, South Korea, and the DPRK.

Powered Tinitell very simple. When a child is lost or just want to communicate – he presses the large button on the front panel, says the person’s name, followed by a call. The Swedes turned out almost the smallest phone on the planet. Once something like that shown in the Star Trek series (if you remembers, there also appeared the prototype of the tablet).

Loc8tor GPS for children

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This is one of the most popular devices used to track a person’s location. Like many other similar gadgets, Loc8tor GPS for Kids is working on a subscription. The device has a minimum size so that you can throw in your pocket or backpack child. Then you can follow its movement on a smartphone, tablet, or even a conventional computer – if only it had on the Internet browser.

The device allows you to draw on the map a safe area. This is very convenient when kindergarten or your house is bordered by dangerous places – such as railroad tracks. If a child leaves a safe zone, then a smartphone parents immediately notice comes. Loc8tor GPS for Kids sends the data to the Internet via SIM-card of any service provider. Precisely because of this, you can follow the baby in real time. And yet, this little thing is endowed with the support of the frequency of 2.45 GHz. As for the subscription fee, it is £ 40 per month. Expensive, but you definitely stop worrying about your child.

Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator

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The length of this device does not exceed 7 cm. In this case, it is located inside the battery, which lasts for 40 hours on a single charge! This tiny little thing can throw in the pocket of your child’s jacket. As a result, you will be able to keep track of its location, which uses a web browser or an application developed for iOS and Android. Also, the gadget supports two-way voice communication. Do not forget the creators and the introduction of features geofencing.

But that’s not all! If someone from the neighbors you consider dangerous man, his house could be made into a special list. When the child would be 150 meters away – you will be notified. If you do not use the appropriate application, the notification message will come by e-mail.

The main body of Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator has an SOS button. If a child panic, he can click on it and then receive a notification by both parents. Ability to send messages and other relatives – all supported by up to ten authorized users. Subscription to the service costs $ 15 per month.

FlashMe Sydney

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It is not so much a tracker, as a means of ensuring contact with the parents or guardian. In fact, the device is a colorful silicone bracelet. On it is printed QR-code, which contains the contact details of a guardian or parent lost the child. It is hoped that the child has found the person understands what QR-code, and it has a smartphone to read it.

Not so many young children know their address or phone number of the parents. It is these children could save the accessory. More in it does not do anything. This is due, and such a low cost.

Filip 2

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A device called Filip 2 provides two-way communication. For these purposes the 2G-network. The total gadget allows you to save in its memory up to five numbers. Since they may come not only voice calls but also text messages. However, to write messages in response to the child cannot – such a function here.

The device includes support for GPS technology, GSM, and Wi-Fi. All this allows without any difficulty to monitor the location of the child, using a special application developed for iOS and Android. If you have several children, for each of them, you can create a separate profile.

GPS sensor allows you to set a safe zone, which is called Safe Zone. In total, you can make up to five of these safe zones. The true gadget is available in the US only.

SAFE Kids Pixie Band

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Another bracelet, endowed with a colorful pattern. With him, the little girl can feel like a real fashionista. The bracelet embedded GPS-chip, through which parents can track the movement of the child. Like many other devices, SAFE Kids Pixie Band discussed above allows you to create a safe zone, extends beyond the boundaries of which will send parents a notice.

A special feature of this model is the presence of the temperature sensor. There is also a heart rate sensor. All this allows you to monitor not only the location but also the activity of the child.


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Once we mentioned on our site about HereO. Do not be amiss to recall that device again. Gadget disguised as a traditional children’s watch. But in fact, it is a complete GPS-tracker! Monitor the child can through any smartphone or tablet to your Android or iOS based.

Once the hours they need to be synchronized with the mobile device. Thereafter HereO clock will be displayed on the map. If a child is lost, it can use a series of simple commands, in order to send a panic signal to parents.

HereO also provides an opportunity to outline the safe zone. If the child has crossed the border geo-fencing, then a warning is sent to the smartphone. When using HereO parents have to pay for a subscription – it costs $ 5 per month.


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This is one of the most complex systems of GPS-tracking on the market, at the same time and one of the most expensive. Very thin device having a size of 55 x 38 mm, is equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, micro-USB port and a prepaid SIM-card, which assumes an open roaming in some 30 countries. A companion app for iOS and Android is much thoughtful of all the programs that are designed to interact with the devices discussed above. It allows a person to monitor in real time not only on the map but in the form of augmented reality. There is also a function of safe zones. You can even set speed alerts when a child leaves the limits of the zone.

During the first two years of use, Trax is completely free. In the future, the need to pay for a subscription, the price – about $ 6 per month

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