How to spot a fake omega speedmaster?

Omega, a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches, debuted its first product, the Gurzelen patent for pocket watch, in 1885. Because every Omega factory clock is the result of heavy artistic planning and because its standards Quality products are very rigorous, often their products are imitated by counterfeiters who create lower quality versions at the same […]

Watch for running: wrist trainers for both sexes

Picked up fashionable helpers for the opening of the running season and weight loss for the summer. The snow is gone, which means you can run outside without fear of wetting your feet and catch a cold. So that the process of¬†getting yourself in shape and maintaining it is easier and more pleasant, here are […]

Peak fashion: Maurice Lacroix Aikon Skeleton

The Maurice Lacroix Aikon Skeleton appeared in a difficult time for the brand, when things went so-so, and needed a magic pill that would immediately improve the situation. The clients themselves suggested the solution – they repeatedly asked to do something similar to the Calypso collection that had become cult decades ago. They remembered it […]

Women’s best watch Fossil ES2811 review

Fossil ES2811 is a heavy and huge watch. The quality of its machinery, the product offers an elegant design in shades of pink gold, both in the area of the belt and the box, topped with small bright elements, which give greater elegance to the product. Let’s start the review.

What to wear this year: Watch trends

Before updating the watch park, you should know what is relevant to wear. The industry insiders will learn about everything new at major watch shows, such as the one recently held in Geneva. We tell that it is worth buying to those who want to be in trend and offer options from our catalog.

Japanese Orient open heart review: RA-AG0005L1

The famous watch manufacturer is famous for its quality at a reasonable price, as well as a wide range in which everyone will find something to their liking. Marche has something to offer to those who want the mechanical essence of the watch to be immediately visible. Lovers of watches with an open balance node […]

Rolex submariner black: History of the real Sub

Today we talk about the Rolex submariner black, possibly the most copied clock of all time. Very few visionaries could have foreseen the incredible scope and destiny. This new 1953 model, the Rolex Submariner, would have. Initially, it focused on extreme athletes and professionals involved in high-risk activities. It did not correspond at all with […]

Rolex gmt master ii batman review

The GMT Master BLNR has become an icon and has become quite a difficult watch to obtain as Rolex supply is always quite limited. Now you’re wondering why this black blue Gtm is called “Batman” and well. The name is due to the bezel and its double black and blue color. The bezel of this […]