Armani Exchange AX2104 and AX2098 reviews

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Armani Exchange (A | X) – one of the most affordable, youth, sometimes provocative line of things from Giorgio Armani. The best ideas of a fashion house and strict quality control are the components of the success of this brand’s wristwatches. A | X is the latest trends, a variety of offers and an accurate hit to the target. And also these are accessories that will precisely separate their owner from the crowd.

Armani Exchange AX2104 and AX2098 features

Armani Exchange AX2104

Specifications Armani Exchange Hampton AX2104 Armani Exchange Outer Banks AX2098
Type of mechanism quartz quartz
Housing IP coated steel IP coated steel
Clock face the black the black
Bracelet steel with IP coating leather belt
Water protection 50WR 50WR
Glass mineral mineral
The calendar number number
dimensions D 46mm, thickness 12mm D 45mm, thickness 12mm
Made in USA USA

Black on Black – Armani Exchange Hampton

The Armani Exchange Hampton three – shooter model AX2104 is a powerful men’s watch that regularly does its thing: it always shows the right time and adorns its owner.

Retro decor and modern details

Armani Exchange AX2104

The flat dial is covered with a pattern that enlivens it and adds depth. Guilloche in the form of a square grid covers a vast central area. It is surrounded by a ring withdrawn markings from 0 to 60. And then concentric circles follow along with steel overlaid blocks of watch markers.

The space of the dial is limited by an inclined side with second shading. These are all classic elements of the art of watchmaking, like the hands of the fashionable 60’s tapering stick.

But the steel band crossing the dial, like aluminum from the torpedoes of an expensive car, and the large A | X logo is in place for 12 hours – and we remember that we live in the 21st century. And when you pick up a watch with a case diameter of 46 mm – 30 years ago they would be considered gigantic – everything finally falls into place. We are in modern times.

Metal processing specifics

Armani Exchange AX2104

The black color, in which the metal is painted, appears at different sites in a polished and matte form. The brilliant part of it even resembles pottery, so much of the body is processed. But the most massive middle links of the bracelet, on the contrary, are stained. Pay attention to the crown: the line dividing the letters in the brand logo here is made in the form of a depression in the middle. It turned out a sort of cog, but you should not tighten it with a screwdriver – to control the clock, enough finger movement.

Perfectly fitted to the case, the bracelet closes with a hidden clasp. It is convenient to use such a line and it does not interrupt the line around the wrist.

The Outer Banks collection features chronograph watches. Before us is the Armani Exchange Outer Banks AX2098 , a male model that conveys the spirit of the brand and is complicated by additional functions.

Functional elements of the dial

Armani Exchange AX2104 dial

The dial is similar to the Hampton design, the same circles, and similar hands, but attention is paid primarily to the function of the stopwatch. Three “eyes” – subdials, involved in the work of complications. Actually, the stopwatch is the lower and left dials for 60 seconds and 30 minutes, respectively. It is with such accuracy and duration that the chronograph works. The right one is given under the time indication in the 24-hour format, it is easier to separate day and night hours.


Armani Exchange AX2104

If the hands and Hampton tags were slightly tinted, then the Outer Banks chronograph is equipped with pieces of polished steel. Given the scale of the dial, it facilitates the readability of information. The watch is highly recommended for those who are looking for a model with perfect clarity in all conditions of visibility. Not without a logo, he flaunts his usual place for 12 hours.

Original case

The tall case has an interesting architecture: height differences and prominent details make it stand out from a series of fashion clocks. Made of stainless steel, it is painted in black by IP-spray. Armani Exchange Outer Banks AX2098 will definitely suit lovers of large and prominent accessories.

Armani Exchange AX2104 case

This watch is not for the narrow sleeves of a strict shirt, but with all other looks, whether it is a trendy denim outfit or a leather jacket, the Armani Exchange AX2104 can be perfectly combined. They are not suitable only for sports: an obstacle to that is a leather strap and a low water resistance of 50 meters.

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