American watchmakers of the highest quality

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Readers of this blog will know that I am of the opinion that good watches do not have to come only from Switzerland. Although there exists a full-fledged concentration of watchmakers of the highest quality, now also they gained solid ground manufacturers outside Europe. For example, in the United States.

The following article presents the “all Americans”, ie, those who not only are based in the United States, but also produced there watchmakers.


For lovers of American watches, a term that here in my blog is still underrepresented: RGM. The company manufactures in Pennsylvania. The program is reasonable: three basic models, accompanied by a model tourbillon . The gauge 20 is completely manufactured by the same RGM. Prices are between 2,200 and 100,000 dollars.


Of course, in an article on US brands watches can not miss my favorite Shinola. If one can believe the rumors in the watch industry, watches Detroit furious now enjoy popularity. A promising start as a ray of hope in the US city hardest hit by the crisis. The Shinola watches cost between 550 and 600 euros.

american-watchmakers-of-the-highest-quality3Keaton Myrick

Keaton Myrick is a resident of Oregon. Previously he had worked in the watch industry, for example MKII. After graduating from a technical school, he worked for a while in one of the service centers Rolex, before starting to manufacture their own watches. Myrick also himself makes every little part of their watches, even the screws. The factory alone, so the waiting list for its unique timepieces is always long. Prices are around $ 18,000.


I have already submitted the Devon ever here on the blog, but only briefly: Devon represents the most distinguished watchmaker art, but with a penchant for the bizarre. The Tread 1 shown in the photo above is an example: Watches displayed on treadmills, what? Great, yet.


German sounds like a vacuum cleaner, but still the flagship of madness watches Internet. The ideas for their watches, design – all the result of an intense collaboration with watch enthusiasts online. Kobold also manufactured in Pennsylvania. There are now more than two dozens of models on offer. Kobold prices of a range from 2,150 to $ 16,500.


Who likes American sports watches, will not go unnoticed Lum-Tec, if only for its U-shaped points as pimps. The main axis of watches is its clear readability in sub-optimal lighting conditions. This requires the effective light Lum-Tec (Maximum Darkness Visibility), enlightening about three times more than Supernovae used. Lum-Tec does not manufacture all components in the USin order to keep prices down. They are between 435 and 1295 dollars.

american-watchmakers-of-the-highest-quality7Weiss Watch Company

The Weiss Watch Company is the youngest company in the scene. The owner, Cameron Weiss, a watchmaker with WOSTEP certification, has worked for years for the best names in the Swiss watch industry. The Weiss watches are manufactured in Los Angeles. The first models are based on field watches the Second World War. Prices are on a mere $ 800.

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