Zippo: a legend among lighters

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What is a status item? You can give different answers to this question. For example, that this is a subject with a logo of a well-known brand or an item made of expensive materials, characterized by originality of performance. And according to Zippo experts, the status item is also a thing with a history, one that has passed the test of time and is in demand so far. Speech, of course, will go about the legendary lighters of American manufacture. Thanks to its special design and design, Zippo has become a symbol of reliable operation and high quality.

Zippo: The trumps of George Grant Blaisdell

Zippo: a legend among lighters

The company Zippo was founded in 1932 by George Blaisdell, who decided to improve the former uncomfortable Austrian lighters. A talented engineer from Pennsylvania came to work seriously and got an excellent result: a practical thing that fits in the palm of your hand. Keep reading: Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 Chronograph

A rectangular lighter with a spring-loaded lid was then and still is a real hit: it is free to open with one hand, is resistant to wind and has a lifetime warranty – that is, any malfunction is eliminated by Zippo for free.

The management of the company does not depart from the founder’s principles today: every owner of a Bradford lighter can at any time apply for warranty service, no matter how many years since its release has passed. The expected move by Zippo is a super company that patented even the sound of a click heard when the lid was opened and closed.

Anatomy of Zippo

Zippo: a legend among lighters

Warranty obligations are serious, and they can be carried out by specialists who are 100% confident in the quality of their product. And there is no need to doubt the good manufacture and careful selection of materials: the classic lighter Zippo has a body made of a strong alloy, a polymer wick with interwoven metallic threads, a windscreen with 16 holes, precise fastening, without gaps, fastening parts. Thought over every little thing: for example, the armchair (the wheel for cutting sparks) has notches, located at an angle of 30 ° to the horizontal, so it’s easy to twist, not injuring the skin.

In addition, any Zippo is a reusable item. Unlike inexpensive mass lighters, it works for decades, it is enough to fill it with fuel from time to time.

Design skills and work on metal

Zippo: a legend among lighters

The figure-base for Zippo is a quadrilateral whose corners are slightly rounded. Such a lighter went on sale in the last century, this remains today – the manufacturer remains faithful to traditions. It is interesting that the Zippo form is a registered trademark, so it is unlikely to change, but the metal surface is ideal for design experiments: on the plane, you can put a logo or a picture of any complexity, including by individual order.

Coating options and decorating methods are impressive: longitudinal grinding, color laser engraving, satin finishing, chrome plating, coating with a thin layer of silver or gold, gloss etching, crystal decoration and even PVD-spraying, resistant to mechanical damage.

Choose the thematic design of the body of a cigarette lighter is also not difficult: sports, fantasy, nature, signs and symbols and so on. In the catalogs of Zippo are presented a variety of series, including collection – released only for Russia.

Access code of Zippo

Zippo: a legend among lighters

Surprisingly, George Blaisdell thought of a dating system, which also speaks of high standards of quality. It allows you to find out when this or that Zippo model was released. Pay attention to the stamped marking on the bottom of each cigarette lighter. To the left of the logo, there is a letter corresponding to the manufacturing month, where A is January, B is February, C in March, and so on, and on the right is a numeric year designation, for example, 16 to 2016.

Dating at the bottom, as well as lowercase inscriptions (the inner case of the cigarette lighter) indicate the original Bradford origin. The high quality of performance, accurate warranty, the reliability of work make gasoline or gas lighter Zippo a wonderful memorable gift, as well as a thing – a status indicator, and in some cases, a successful social situation. You may also like:

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