Women’s best watch Fossil ES2811 review

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Fossil ES2811 is a heavy and huge watch. The quality of its machinery, the product offers an elegant design in shades of pink gold, both in the area of the belt and the box, topped with small bright elements, which give greater elegance to the product. Let’s start the review.

Both for its design and its characteristics, this product stands out in any comparison of watches for women, giving a different image to your wrist, while offering quality machinery to always have the exact time at hand.

Fossil ES2811 review

Fossil ES2811 review

So that you do not have to worry about the resistance of this model, the Fossil ES2811 watch has been manufactured with a round stainless steel case with a polished finish that offers a good resistance when it comes to wearing it on your wrist. A material that is also present on your strap, adjustable by a clasp and that does not deteriorate or lose its shine with the passage of time.

Something similar happens with its mineral crystal, which avoids problems such as scratches, chafing and possible breaks due to knocks, as with other models of lower quality. So, although it is not a suitable clock to perform complex tasks, the truth is that the watch offers a high resistance so that it does not deteriorate with daily use.

Watch design

Fossil ES2811 review

Another aspect that stands out in the Fossil ES2811 watch is its design. In this, the watch is presented entirely, both in the part of the box and the strap, in an elegant pink gold finish, which gives an appropriate elegance to the entire design of the product. A finish also presents inside the box, with two different shades of this rose.

A quality design that is finished on the dial with a series of small stones set, which give a different touch to the product. This allows completing a different image in this watch, which is separated from the usual models in conventional steel or other gold materials.

Inside of the box

Analyzing the innermost part of the box, we find a design of 38 millimeters in diameter, which is capable of supporting water to a level of 10 atmospheres. Inside this box, in addition to finding high-quality machinery, we also have all the necessary elements to keep the time and date under control.

Specifically, we have three main needles, with which to see the time, minutes and seconds according to the conventional design. But also three small spheres are included in the central part, in which we can see both the day, the month and the time but, in this case, in a 24-hour format. A complete design that makes it easy to see everything clear with just a glance.

The size of the Fossil ES2811 box is something larger than what she would like. In this case, everything is a matter of taste.

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