What is the best man watch on the market?

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It is curious that the market for luxury watches continues to be so successful, especially for the economies of countries like Switzerland. Even though anyone has on their smartphone everything and more than a watch can offer, basic wrist watches are still selling in large quantities every year.

We are not going to lie to ourselves. We are many men who like to look good, and a wristwatch accompanies our style. It is also true that wearing a watch makes us appear more focused as if being aware of the time in the hands of the clock would mean that we have everything under control.

But it is also true that not everyone can buy the watch that uses Antonio Banderas, the reason? The price of course. These watches of recognized brands and especially Swiss are not expensive because it is a technology that provides a radically improved performance, but mainly because of the incredible sums of money these companies invest in advertising.


And here’s another great truth: that a watch has more zeros on its price tag does not necessarily mean its quality is better. If you want a good watch that accompanies your style, that makes you look more elegant or calculating; you should not be afraid of the lesser known brands. That is why we have prepared this guide to buying the best man watch on the market.

Our primary objective is to show you some characteristics that it is good to keep in mind before making the purchase, and with this information, you can make a comparison of men’s watches.

Buying Guide

What kind of man watch is best?

To help you recognize your needs, let’s remember the main types of watches:


These are the most traditional, are usually very accurate, and the big brands manufacture this kind of classic watches. Its operation requires winding manually or automatically using the natural movement of the wrist. But the experience that companies need to build this kind of mechanical watches means that they are much more expensive.

The price difference can be radically opposite if we compare an automatic watch with a quartz watch.

Quartz watch

This is an electronic clock whose main feature is that it has a quartz piece that serves to generate the necessary pulses at regular intervals that finally allow the measurement of time. The required electricity is obtained through a small battery that is placed inside the watch case.

Automatic quartz watch

These combine quartz technology with an automatic function similar to automatic mechanical watches. A charging rotor mechanism generates electricity while quartz distributes energy. It is the best way to take advantage of quartz without affecting the environment with the use of batteries.

More recently, watches that run on lithium batteries (LIDs) are being used, which are charged through a solar cell located behind the dial. These batteries last a long time loaded, so these watches have a long life at least from the energetic point of view.

Likewise, since the beginning of the century, there have been on the market the watches called Eco-Thermo, which use the user’s arm temperature as well as the environment to get the energy, which makes them very friendly to nature because they do not need batteries.

Other features

We cannot finish this guide without talking about the design. The outer shape of the men’s watch will depend on the use you are going to make. If you need a watch to train outdoors or time the rest time in the gym, it suits you a sports model.

If instead, you need it for business meetings, cocktail parties or formal job interviews, you should have a sober and elegant design. However, there are also some casual ones that combine freshness and elegance very convenient for young men who go everywhere with their wristwatch. These models can be used for almost any occasion.

Now you know, if you’re looking for a cheap watch forget the most publicized and expensive Swiss brands and pay attention to new brands from other countries like Japan, which offer the same quality at a considerably lower price.

What is the best watch for men of 2016?

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