Wenger 70891 Swiss Raid Commando Watch Review

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The Wenger 70891 Swiss Raid Commando Green-Accent Black Rubber Strap Watch is one of the most exquisite watches that attract everyone. It is packed with features and has a cool dark tone. An interesting trivia is that this company originally introduced the famous Swiss army knife. It has three sub dials that make it look very professional.

Wenger 70891 has luminous hands and a stopwatch. The window is stylish and very strong, fashioned for all your dangerous adventures in the wild and also for the quiet life in the confines of society. It is water resistant and is guaranteed to stay so till 330 feet below water. It comes with a warranty for three years.


This Wenger Swiss company made its name by delivering the Swiss army knife. Now even after about a hundred years this company still remains a symbol for quality and chorography. Not many watches can claim a pedigree which is the ultimate achievement for any watchmaker. Their drive for excellence has delivered them the pedigree they deserve; which confirms their superiority in terms of accuracy and quality.

Let’s Look at Features of the Wenger 70891 Swiss Raid Commando Watch

  • Full sweep second hand
  • Screw on back
  • Water-resistant to 330 feet (100 M)
  • Swiss made
  • Wenger 70891 Weight: 3.52 Ounces
  • 3 year limited warranty

Wenger Men’s 70891 Swiss Raid Commando Watch Reviews

The reviews made by the customers of this Wenger 70891 Swiss Watch are all on the positive side. One of the customers who gave it five stars said that it was of fine quality for such a low price. He mentioned that the watch only showed dates, which was preferred by him as the rest seemed redundant to him anyway. He said that the wristbands were very strong and can endure a lot. It uses silicon which is very easy to clean and very durable. He said it is much softer than it looks and comfortable.

Another user said that this watch was exactly what he was looking for as he likes watches with military style. As he has a big wrist not many watches fit him well but this was a perfect fit and very comfortable. He said he found it to be extremely accurate.

Another customer was very excited for this Wenger Commando watch and ordered one day shipping. He was very much moved by the quality of the watch and also fancied the box it came in. He mentioned that the silicone band resists from falling of your hands even if you wear it loosely. He said he was very skeptical about timekeeping and this was by far the most accurate of his collection. The luminous functionality also was a plus in his book.

One user mentioned that the price was a little high even for watches of this accuracy. He said he did not like the design of the window and the angle produced some distortion. He said that the wristband made his wrist sweat more than usual. However he was satisfied with its accuracy nonetheless.

The Wenger Men’s 70891 Swiss Raid Commando Green-Accent Black Rubber Strap Watch, is a very cool watch that goes both with your calm soothing attitude and that of a rogue adventurer.

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