The best watches for dandies

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This is how the most elegant pieces are, with which you will be sure in the time par excellence of gifts. These are the most elegant and sophisticated models on the market. The watches for dandies are of Swiss or French origin. But always of prestigious signatures with British tints, of revolutionary mechanics, light, and of originality without shrillness.

Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, we always have December: the universal month of the gift. The time of the year when purchases are made for oneself, but, above all, for others. December is when more watches are sold, of course. The month in which the watchmaking brands throw all the remains to settle their fiscal year fulfilling the objectives set by international.

There is still time and throughout this month we will offer options for all tastes and for all ages. The great Christmas campaign begins.

Watches for dandies

The best watches for dandies
The best watches for dandies

A dandy is a person who stands out for its elegance and refinement. But he is more than that, he is an original gentleman in extreme, that in addition to being an icon in the dress, dominates to the perfection the manners.

His style is unique and unmistakable. His wardrobe is sophisticated, the garments are of the highest quality, with excellent fabrics and cuts, from famous designers. The accessories are of great importance and the watch is therefore fundamental. The dandy acquires a watch not necessarily recognizable by all, and whose choice is based on the combination of the magnetism of the signature and the intrinsic beauty of the piece in question.

Best watches for dandies

  • Breguet: Model Reference 7147.

  • Boucheron: Reflet model.

  • Hermes: Arceau model in blue.

  • Piaget: Model Altiplano Ultima Automatic 910P.

  • Jaeger-LeCoultre: Model Master Ultra-Thin Reserve de Marche.

Let’s discuss.

Breguet: Model Reference 7147

The best watches for dandies
Model Reference 7147 – Breguet

Within the Classic collection, the most recent model is Reference 7147, which chooses the elegance of white enamel for its dial. Made in a white gold or pink 40 mm case, with a finely ribbed edge, sapphire back and welded handles. It covers a Grand Feu enamel dial, signed Breguet, and surrounded by Arabic Breguet-type numbers. A small strategically off-center second hand at 5 o’clock gives this dial an elegance as sublime as it is refined. The extra-thin 502.3SD self-winding manufacturing caliber with exhaust and silicon spiral is activated. There is a version with a gold dial with a silver bath decoration made by hand.

Boucheron: Reflet model

The best watches for dandies
Reflet model – Boucheron

The one who was the first jeweler to settle in the Parisian Place Vendôme in 1858, celebrates in 2017 the 70th anniversary of one of the unique contemporary classics of watchmaking: The Reflet watch. This model is characterized by the godrons sculpted around the sphere -decoration in the form of oval molding-, which reflect (hence the name) light; the crown in sapphire cabochon; and the Vendome column, which appears subtly on the clock crystal in the form of a hologram.

For its anniversary the firm has made eight interchangeable bracelets that, combined with the different boxes and spheres, offer up to 70 watch variants. The invisible lock patented in 1944 allows changing the strap according to the time and the situation of the day.

Hermes: Arceau model in blue

The best watches for dandies
Arceau model in blue – Hermes

The Arceau watch is a paradigm of elegance and aesthetic rigor. Created in 1978 by Henri d’Origny, he knows how to balance classicism and fantasy. The characteristics that distinguish the Arceau watch are its typography, inspired by the elegance of the gallop, and its asymmetrical handles.

The new model Arceau Tres Grand Modele – the name that comes from its diameter of 40 mm- is diversified into two dial colors: lacquered blue or hazelnut with engraving on spikelet. Inside, the caliber manufactory of automatic winding H1837 and, at the end, as always, Hermès leather strap: in alligator matte mole or blue abyssal alligator.

Piaget: Model Altiplano Ultima Automatic 910P

The best watches for dandies
Model Altiplano Ultima Automatic 910P – Piaget

Three years after the launch of the revolutionary flattest manual winding watch in the world, the new Ultima Automatic 910P Altiplano, with only 4.30 millimeters thick, becomes the flattest automatic watch in the world.

An extremely revolutionary piece, since, like the concept of the 900P movement, it fuses movement and sphere. Designed as an inseparable whole and able to establish this new record, the movement and the box form a single entity where the latter serves as the main stage in which to fix the 219 ultra-flat components. With an almost ethereal elegance, it is available in a 41 mm rose gold or white box.

Jaeger-LeCoultre: Model Master Ultra-Thin Reserve de Marche

The best watches for dandies
Master Ultra Thin Réserve de Marche model – Jaeger-LeCoultre

Master Ultra-Thin Reserve de Marche harbors useful complications of classical watchmaking, such as power reserve and needle date, which add to the hours and minutes and the small second’s hand. With its contemporary design and its steel box of great refinement and of a reduced 39 mm, it presents a sphere as balanced in its reading as it is beautiful in its tone.

Although the Master collection consists of three different lines, Master Grande Tradition, Master Control, and Master Ultra-Thin. To which this model belongs, all are characterized by an elegant and unmistakable design. Which is freed from the superfluous to focus on the essential, around the round shape and maximum purity.

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