Traser Watch – The Watch for the Military

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Traser is a watch manufacturing company that has made a name for itself in very little time, but for good reason. This watch making company has set itself apart and gained unbelievable recognition all over the world, mainly because it has made itself the king in one main niche market: the military market. It isn’t something that typically would occur to anyone out of the blue, but when it comes to watches, the needs and requirements of the military are quite different from what any other person prefers and needs. Just think about it; if you are a military man and about to undertake a covert operation in the pitch black of night, do you really need a premium branded watch that has a glow-in-the-dark face that basically alerts you of every animal in the area you are in, as well as the enemy that you are so keenly and slyly scoping out? Absolutely. You also need a watch that can withstand every possible terrible weather condition as well as a watch that has the ability to resist shock and weight. Not many watches in the world can offer a combination of all these, but when it comes to a Traser watch, you are home safe.

Traser Watch

Traser watches are not simply liked, but very much preferred by the military men and women of the world today. This is due to a number of reasons. Traser has a number of watch lines for different segments of the market, and for the military it has a range known as the Traser H3 watches. These Traser watches have incorporated, within themselves, a unique and very special technology. This particular technological innovation is the tritium gaseous light technology, also known as the trigalight illumination technology. The aim of this technology is to provide a guaranteed source of light in all types of conditions and weather. Trigalight refers to very small vials of glass that are covered with a phosphorescent material and then filled up with certain amounts of tritium gas. The gas emits electrons and it is these that make it possible that a permanent source of light is always there when you need it. The best thing about this type of technology is that any watch that uses it doesn’t require any charging at all for the illumination, not even after years of continuous use. You basically eliminate the requirement of any external power source, such as batteries, that is necessary in non-tritium watches to produce illumination.

Traser watches don’t come cheap, but many authorized official retailers of the watch company offer guaranteed low prices along with several other benefits. These include prompt delivery if you buy from their websites, unmatched customer service whenever you need help, no hidden charges, and a guarantee on performance for a minimum of ten years. The Traser watches will also come with a warranty of at least a year or two, sometimes even more depending on who you buy from. This way you can buy your Traser watch with complete peace of mind in all aspects.

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