Top 3 best fitness tracker watches for gents and ladies

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Until recently it was difficult to imagine that a device as small as a wristwatch, could offer similar benefits to those of a smartphone. Smartwatches or smartwatches are here to stay, because of their wide possibility to perform measurement functions, their compatibility with mobile phones and their ease of use. In this article, we will present 3 best fitness tracker watches which is suitable for gents and ladies.

The smartwatches were created with the additional function of serving as a window for the smartphone, thanks to which you can display on your screen easily and quickly the notifications that enter the mobile, such as calls, e-mail, SMS and messages from social networks. This quality that these watches have allows you to reject calls or check if the message is important or not, without having to have your mobile phone in your hand.

Best fitness tracker watches

These devices also lend great utility to people who practice some sports discipline or exercise routines. For this reason, smart sports watches have gained ground in the field of sport. Its manufacturers have equipped them with a quantifier that incorporates sensors capable of measuring the movements that are made. You must configure and connect the smartwatch perfectly. It allows you to monitor physical activity and even hours of sleep.

If you want to get one of these modern and sophisticated smart sports watches, you must establish a comparison and analyze the model that best suits your needs. The idea is to invest in a quality product that fits your budget. That is why it is recommended, first of all, check the features that the watch can offer, such as GPS, pedometer, altimeter, calorie meter, a heart rate monitor, etc.

It is important at the time of making your purchase that you make sure that the chosen model has an operating system compatible with your smartphone, likewise verify that Bluetooth technology is also suitable for both the watch and the mobile.

Runme Heart Rate Monitor

Runme Heart Rate Monitor

This sports watch stands out as an elegant accessory thanks to its shiny black glass and its Oled touch screen that measures 0.91 inches. Its Li-Po battery of 60mAh gives you a range of up to 10 days depending on use and recharges with a USB connector; You can also easily pair it with iOS 7.1 and higher devices and also with Android 4.4 and higher, through its Bluetooth 4.0.

It is equipped with the functions of time, heart rate monitor that measures the heart rate all day; different sports modes (jogging, running, walking, yoga, pilates, and more), camera, pedometer that counts your steps, notifications of calls, messages, alarms, and also has a controller for calories and also to manage the sleep of automatic way, which helps you to improve the rest time.

Its soft and flexible band adapts perfectly to any wrist and with its weight of only 25 g, nor feel that you wear it. You can choose the color between green, black, purple and blue, according to your tastes.

MindKoo GT88

MindKoo GT88

If you want to display a window of your smartphone on your wrist, this modern watch model could meet your expectations. With a large square screen with 1.5 inches and easy pairing with Bluetooth 3.0, you will have in your hands a device that offers synchronization with alerts for all notifications of messages and calls that come to your mobile.

You can use it in your workouts and forget sweat or rainwater, as it has the IP57 standard. It has the functions of calorie calculation, pedometer, Tachometer, heart rate monitor that helps monitor the pulsations, also includes sleep monitor and also, you can listen to your favorite music and take pictures with 2.0 megapixels.

The battery life of 300mAh can reach 7 days with continuous use and its weight of 70 grams, coupled with its soft strap, allows you to carry it comfortably daily. Also, you can choose between the violet, gold, silver and green tones according to your preferences.

VicTsing BAND 2

VicTsing BAND 2

If you are one of those, who run in the rain, with this smart watch you can do it safely. It has the IP65 standard that makes it water resistant. It is a light and elegant device with its 0.9-inch Oled screen and its flexible and comfortable strap that allows you to use it every day.

This sports watch is equipped with the function of various sports modes: walking, running, basketball, squat, and more. It can also help you to have better sleep quality, thanks to the function that monitors your rest, and its vibratory alarm wakes you up gently. It also incorporates calories counter, steps and shows you the time digitally.

It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 that offers a connection to your smartphone in a fast and secure way, so you receive notifications of messages and calls. It is compatible with IOS 8.0 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher. Also, it incorporates an icon that allows you to select the screen in vertical mode or landscape mode.

I hope these 3 best fitness tracker watches enhance your activity while running.

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