Franck Muller PSY Oppa Gangnam Style

The watch brand Franck Muller has always been interested in. It always held the top-ranking hour. Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller has released the only model of its kind apparently Korean musical actor PSY. I think it can be called that way. You have probably already seen his comic clip PSY – Oppa Gangnam the Style, it played on all music channels. Continue reading “Franck Muller PSY Oppa Gangnam Style”

Franck Muller Black Conquistador King Date 8005

Wrist watch Franck Muller Black Conquistador King Date 8005 K SC NR included in a collection Conquistador and is suitable for both men and women. Franck Muller brand is a relative newcomer in the watch industry and was founded in the early nineties, but after 20 years he is one of the best Swiss manufacturer. It has a good reputation among fans of high-quality original watches. Continue reading “Franck Muller Black Conquistador King Date 8005”