Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Regulateur Roue Carree

In this review, consider an attractive model Lacroix Masterpiece Regulateur Maurice Roue Carree. Seeing her for the first time, I asked myself this question: “What is it?”. These clocks struck me with his kind and funny transfer motion to the elements in the form of a 3-petalled flower – clover and decorated square. According to watch brand Maurice Lacroix, he chose his favorite line of Masterpiece, to open innovation in watchmaking. Continue reading “Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Regulateur Roue Carree”

Porsche Design P’6620 Chronograph

One of my favorite brands of watches is the Porsche Design. First of all, they have a rich history, besides trying to make a good modern watch. Porsche Design brand and has always been an innovator in terms of design and materials used for the manufacture of watches. Continue reading “Porsche Design P’6620 Chronograph”

Rolex Submariner Date 116610LN

The world-famous & best watch company Rolex is a legend and its products are considered among the best products in the industry. Rolex brand has become so well-known for its ability to accurately and elaborately manufacture high-quality watches with durable materials, including in them incredibly accurate mechanisms. So, in this review, we are going to discuss the most popular model of the Submariner a Date 116610LN the Rolex. Continue reading “Rolex Submariner Date 116610LN”

Tissot Men’s Couturier Black Dial

Famous watch brand Tissot has made some of the best men’s watches Tissot Couturier collection with black dial T035.407.16.051.00. Full name watches – of Tissot Couturier of Black Men’s T035.407.16.051.00 of Dial, for the moment it is a very popular model and is a bestseller in the time store. Model Couturier Black Dial is of high quality and stunning looks. Continue reading “Tissot Men’s Couturier Black Dial”

Review of Tissot Seastar 1000 Automatic Chronograph

There is one amazing and very beautiful model of Tissot Seastar with a neat design and superb contrast. In this review, hours, consider a model Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph The the Automatic. Seastar 1000 Swiss watches have many features: some elements are retro style, they are a diver’s watch with a rather thin body, and there is a good set that looks modern and very dignified. Continue reading “Review of Tissot Seastar 1000 Automatic Chronograph”