TAG Heuer MikrotourbillonS

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Brand TAG Heuer not only gained credibility in the industry, it is also capable of producing watches, defying the best watch brands. TAG Heuer Watches have demonstrated that they have the ability to innovate and easy to produce something new.

MikrotourbillonS – this is not the first chronograph, which was equipped with a tourbillon. TAG Heuer joined the more exclusive community – in fact, a rational idea, recently launched all of the most accurate clocks in the world. Magnificent watch Jules Audemars Chronograph Tourbillon, Breguet’s Marine Tourbillon II, and Zenith’s Academy – a collection of great improvements.

Review of TAG Heuer MikrotourbillonS

TAG Heuer
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Guy Semon, Vice President of Technical Sciences, explained one decisive motive for the creation of the TAG Heuer has MikrotourbillonS. TAG Heuer is working with COSC, to develop a new chronometer certificate for chronographs. The Company believes that any chronograph presented the new certificate can improve his chances of success if it is a fully integrated design hours. Semon recognizes that MikrotourbillonS was created to prepare the ground for the world’s first double-guaranteed Chronograph.

MikrotourbillonS called the world’s fastest tourbillon and the first tourbillon two full gear, one to ensure the accuracy of frequency course, the other regulates the precision chronograph. First tourbillon 4 Hz – 28,800 vibrations per hour, the second – the world’s fastest – has markings 100 seconds and dynamically compensated in the frequency of 50 Hz, so that it operates at 360,000 oscillations per hour and rotated at 12 rpm for 1 minute. In addition, the tourbillon can be started and stopped through a double set up a chain transfer movement.

One problem that has always stood in front of designer’s chronograph addition to the chronograph operation is not ruined the operation hours. Mikrograph 2011 contains two independent kinematic chains, one for the hours and one for the chronograph, but integrated into the same movement. This also applies to MikrotourbillonS.

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Immediate benefits – elimination of the clutch, while the separation of the chronograph hours eliminates energy loss of the risks that affect positively. This topology to ensure that any Mikro clock set according to the International Organization for Standardization; Mikrotimer and Mikrograph COSC-certified chronograph in the correct functioning, and are confident that the feat of TAG Heuer, is virtually impossible to achieve by conventional monogreen chronograph. MikrotourbillonS … As for the mechanism of the model consists of 439 components, the dimensions of 35.8 × 9.7mm. 75 Hours encrusted with precious stones. Diameter 45 mm model provides water resistance to 100 meters, but only a madman would like to dive with such a clock in water.

The company has ensured that as befits a watch of this level, the model embodies the luxury and innovation. Rose gold, tantalum and rubber provide a subtle color contrast, enhances white accents. The watch strap is made of alligator leather anthracite, tantalum has a mount with engraved label.

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