Swiss Watch: Rolex Deepsea Challenge

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Who said that the brand Rolex produces only a small or medium-sized watch? Rolex cleverly recovers its status as the King of dive watches, mechanical watch making for deep-sea diving. Never (as far as I can tell), the model did not have such a size – 51.4 mm wide.

Story of Rolex Deepsea Challenge

Once upon a time, a ship called Deepsea Challenger emerged from the depths of the ocean off the coast of Guam, having spent a few hours in the water. Looking for a destroy with two robotic arms and a man got out of the hatch, even cannot believe that he was more than six hours of traveling and walking on the seabed in an environment with immeasurable pressure (although it is measurable). Who is it? This film director Kameron, dressed in the style of Jacques Cousteau, who had just finished studying the deepest mysteries of the ocean. James piloted Deepsea Challenger to a depth of 35756 feet (10898 meters).

Swiss watch: Rolex
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Cameron inclusion in the project was not one of Hollywood’s tricks. Although he brought some special 3D camera to take shots of the upcoming film of the bottom of the ocean. If you remember, he created such a great movie like Titanic, which comprises a plurality of frames of underwater elements.

This time, Cameron is not only filmed footage of what he saw but also gathered other data for scientific purposes. The project was developed jointly by a number of sponsors, one of them, of course, was the all-powerful the Rolex.

Brand Rolex was no trainee in this business. They were even part of the mission. Besides the usual sponsorship, Rolex has developed a new men’s watch Rolex Deepsea specifically for such purposes. Most of these models have been shipped in special containers that simulate water pressure, then the test was conducted on the water from entering into the watch. This is all useful, but still, Rolex wanted to test their new experimental clock as far as possible in the real water. Therefore, and tied them to the robotic hand the Challenger Deepsea. Robots, apparently, also prefer to wear a mechanical watch.

Review Rolex Deepsea Challenge

Rolex Deepsea Challenge
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Key Features of Rolex Deepsea Challenge

  • TYPE: Experimental watch
  • WATERPROOFNESS: 12,000 m | 39,370 ft
  • LOAD RESISTANCE: 13.6 tons
  • DIAMETER: 51.4 mm
  • THICKNESS: 28.5 mm
  • MATERIALS: 904L steel (middle case). Nitrogen-alloyed steel. Grade 5 titanium (case back)
  • CRYSTAL THICKNESS: Sapphire 14.3 mm
  • TRIPLOCK (triple waterproofness)
  • MOVEMENT: 3135, self-winding mechanical.

In addition, the fact that the watch does not pass water, they are also resistant to damage. The model is able to withstand a pressure of 13.6 tons. This is compared to 3.1 tons of pressure on the Deepsea. More durable metal and sapphire. The model is made of very good steel, its width – 51.4 mm, thickness – 28.5 mm. Sapphire crystal itself, 14.3 mm thick. It withstands the pressure from all sides. The rear body portion is made of titanium grade 5.

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In total, the model may drop into the water up to 12,000 meters. The world of science has not yet been answered, why they need it, but we think it’s really cool. Even with the large size of these hours, most people want to wear them. Rolex released a special long-bracelet strap Deepsea.

Rolex Deepsea Challenge: Price

Rolex also uses glow-composition that emits a blue light, which is surrounded by a massive ring. Panels with ceramic inserts are made from an exclusive material with platinum colored numbers. The price of the Rolex Deepsea Challenge watches is $60,000.

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