Seiko Solar SNE

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One of the main drawbacks of quartz watches is the need from time to time to change the batteries. But there are watches that recharges its batteries while using solar cells built into the watch.

The life expectancy of such mechanisms, if they have no fault, much more. This is a tiny amount of energy consumed by the mechanism used, and that when the fully charged battery can operate the clock for months without electricity. In this review, let’s talk about the sundial of Seiko Solar SNE – another model from the Japanese watch brand Seiko, which is powered by solar panels.

Review of Seiko Solar SNE

Seiko Solar SNE
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Photovoltaics Seiko Solar watches allow to generate power from any light sources, such as solar and artificial. Of course, the brighter the light, the faster the battery is done charging, and still, need to add that the sunlight gives the best results.

For most people, quartz, powered by light will be the same as simple and – with a replaceable battery, but the pattern with a photocell operates with the same battery as long as something that is not broken. Of course, if you do not live in the dark most of the time. Seiko Solar Model is not like a traditional clock powered by light. Anyone who is familiar with the hours the Eco-Drive Citizen saw how cleverly designed dial, hiding the fact that it is translucent. But looking at the new sundial on of Seiko, it becomes clear that they look different, not like the usual hours with solar batteries.

Photovoltaics Japanese watches Seiko Solar SNE located under the dial. Brand Seiko has developed it so that it seems completely opaque to the human eye. This development may prove to be very important in the future production of Seiko and will begin replacing many existing quartz clockwork mechanism sundial Seiko Solar.

Watches Seiko Solar SNE distributed throughout the world and the number of fans is growing. The watch case is made of stainless steel, some models have a golden tone. Case size is quite small – 37 mm wide and 10 mm thick, probably, the clock has been set up primarily for the Asian market. All models are Seiko Solar numerals SNEXXX starting with SNE, then the three digits. For example, my favorite model Ref. SNE039.

There are different colored dials Seiko Solar, depending on the models: white, gray, black, gold and others. All of them have clear labels and 3 classic arrows, covered composition. In the direction of 3 hours has a window with the parameters of the day of the week and the month. Glass clock – (Hardlex), water resistance is 30 meters. The model comes with a stainless-steel bracelet with folding clasp 19 mm and a button. There are models on the strap.

At Seiko, Solar hours with solar charging battery is very exciting future. As I said, the manufacturer Seiko has plans to install solar mechanism Solar in many other models, such as sports or diver’s watch.

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For me personally, this model is the clear winner in the selection of a simple Seiko quartz mechanism or with the addition of a solar charging Seiko Solar. Sundial is indeed better in terms of practicality and durability, now they are less expensive than a year ago, there is such a feeling that soon in the near future we will see much more interesting ideas and technology from Seiko.

The price of most models sundial of Seiko Solar SNE is about $150 – $200.

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