Patek Philippe Advanced Research Perpetual Calendar Ref. 5550P

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Silicon win! In the future, the brand Patek Philippe all my watch is going to be made of Silinvar (silicon type). The new limited edition watch called Ref. 5550P, in the model’s used wheel balance GyromaxSi. It has a new shape that does not look like a wheel, as well as an hourglass on top of gold added weight. Patek Philippe first started using silicon part a few years ago with Spiromax balance spring.

Review of Patek Philippe Advanced Research Perpetual Calendar Ref.  5550P

Patek Philippe
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Key Features of Patek Philippe Advanced Research Perpetual Calendar Ref. 5550P

  • Model Name: Advanced Research Perpetual Calendar Ref. 5550P
  • Brand: Patek Philippe
  • Model Ref: 5550
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Case: Platinum
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Case Size: 37.5mm x 9.3mm
  • Crystal Band / Strap
  • Dial: Silver
  • Caseback: Display
  • Complications: Perpetual Calendar

You should also know that Patek Philippe is not really a brand which makes her watch, “just different” or slightly changing their design. No, the reason for their ingenuity has to improve the accuracy, reliability, durability and efficiency of hours. Silinvar parts are very smooth and thus have a minimal air resistance ( the big problem in wheel’s balance) and also have relatively low friction. This means that the timers will serve not only longer but also will be more accurate. They will also be better and longer use their spare capacity – in other words, o be more effective. The mechanism has a caliber Si 240 Q, Si version has a reserve of 70 hours. This achieves the effect by the addition of silicon pieces.

Patek Philippe Advanced Research Perpetual Calendar Ref.  5550P: Movement

Ultrathin Watches Patek Philippe “Advanced Research” Ref. 5550P out a limited edition of 300 copies in the platinum embodiment, they have a width of 37.2 mm and a little less than 9 mm thickness. The model, of course, would be a serious collector’s items in the years to come! The back cover has a sapphire window, through which you can admire the work of the movement, it has an enlarged section of GryomaxSi. Water resistance to 30 meters.

Patek Philippe Advanced Research Ref.  5550P: Design

Designers Patek Philippe produced leaf arrows made of 18 carat pink gold, they cover a great part-lum, which makes it easy to determine the time in complete darkness. Its flavor adds a brown strap, hand-stitched, alligator with platinum buckle.

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Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Ref.  5550P: Functions

The watch has a lot of functions, they show not only the time in hours and minutes. With additional dials, they show 24-hour time, date, day of week, month, moon phase and even leap year cycle.

Patek Philippe
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Patek Philippe Advanced Research Perpetual Calendar Ref.  5550P: Additional Features

Devotion Patek Philippe his research and promotion of traditional solutions for hours – a truly remarkable feature of the brand. After all, they could just as easily sit down and do the same thing that they have done for years, referring to the importance and respect of tradition. The use of parts of the silicon has been called into question, but at the moment, promises to constantly use the material quickly outweighed early fears. Thanks to the big brands, we can be sure that, thanks to their knowledge and skills sufficient silicon pieces will soon be developed and used at full strength. Fear of the future is simple: what if the new material will be released, which will be better than the silicon? But, fortunately, the time has not yet come, and in the near future, the most accurate and reliable mechanism is made of silicon.

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