Overview of Orient envoy ag00003w and DB0A005W watches

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Orient operates in the middle price segment, but it must be borne in mind that during the “quartz crisis” (the 1970s), the company did not switch to the mass production of quartz watches, but focused on improving the mechanical ones. It is also important that Orient manufactures precision mechanical parts and electronic components for Seiko. So, as an Orient envoy and DB0A005W watch, there is no doubt. However, judge for yourself.

Features of Orient envoy ag00003w and DB0A005W watches

Specifications Orient Envy AG00003W Orient DB0A005W
Type of mechanism Mechanical self-winding Mechanical self-winding
Caliber F6T22 46А40
Housing steel steel
Clock face white white
Bracelet leather belt leather belt
Water protection 50WR Wr
Glass mineral mineral
The calendar number number
dimensions D 43mm, thickness 11,5mm D 36mm
Made in Japan Japan


Before us is a pair, men’s and women’s watches. For Him and Him, more than romantic. Models AG00003W (male) and DB0A005W (female) are very similar. The cases of both are steel, round, with ergonomically curved lugs, transparent back, comfortable crown. Only He is bigger (43 mm), and She is more miniature (36 mm). And he can dive a little deeper – at 50 m, while She is at 30, which, however, is quite a lot.

But regarding endurance, it is not inferior to Him (as happens in humans): the power reserve of both mechanisms is the same – 40 hours. And both self-winding. True, He (Caliber F6T22) has 22 stones, and she (Caliber 46A40) is one less, but these are details, this also happens in people … But the functions are identical – hours, minutes and seconds. And here we come (and are about to come) to the most interesting — the mechanisms operate at the same frequency, their balances perform 21,600 vibrations per hour. Hearts are beating in unison …

Orient envoy ag00003w and DB0A005W

Open machine

They came to the most interesting thing: both She and He have this very heart, that is, the balance-helix system, which determines the movement of the watch, is visible from the side of the dial! At the 9 o’clock position on the dial, there is a round window, and the owner (or owner) can enjoy the fascinating picture of fast and perfectly uniform vibrations of the open heart of the watch. You can look at your watch, and you can, as it were, on brotherhood! It brings together … By the way, the operation of the mechanism, in particular, the self-winding rotor, is also visible from the back cover, which, as noted above, is transparent.


Beautiful design

The “faces” of the male and female models, i.e., their dials, are similar in other respects, although there are differences (which is natural because they are not twins, but He and She). The surfaces are silvery, the figures are Roman, of elegant outlines; only He has these numbers – printed, and there are 12 of them, and She has overhead, and two of them, XII and VI, and she also has overlaid hour markers, and even silver hands … In general, She has a more tentative, and He has quieter. True, his arrows are blued, of which the minute is with an “apple.” In general, and here parity and agreement. You can say, advice and love.

Finally, the strap of both models is made of leather, artfully textured so that the pattern is typical of alligator skin. At the proper level and stitching. That men’s watch orient envoy ag00003w that women felt on the wrist, as a family, in the literal sense.

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