Overview of Rado R-One “Tron”

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Brand Rado was very popular from 1980. When he began to produce ceramic watches, as well as due to out-Tron (Tron). We watch Rado R-One (R-1) has no official connection with the film. But the design of R-One is completely inspired by them.

Review of Rado R-One “Tron”

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Rado R-One – a limited edition and it is quite expensive. Rado, like other large groups of brands, deserves some fun in the design, rather than looping on purely market hours. Rado brand will only produce 300 models of R-One.

Rado R-One “Tron” is one of the largest new collection, especially with the massive new collection HyperChrome. Rado was necessary to have something interesting to the media attracted people. Rado once again moving in this direction, especially in the Western world, where the brand is still not fully been opened with popular trends.

Rado R-One “Tron”: Movement

Instead, to create an ultra-sophisticated Rado tourbillon, the company decided to move to the pop-culture create a watch in a futuristic form, which has been very popular lately. Rado R-One has many distinctive characteristics and even some strangeness.

Rado R-One “Tron”: Case

The case design is pretty cool for those hours. The curved rectangle is made of ceramic and titanium 48.5 mm in height and 34.5 mm in width. A notable feature is the application straps. There is a kind of tubular lock on the side of the body, which keeps the strap in place. It is clear that the strap can only replace the company, Rado. Rado R-One has a curved corner and beautiful appearance.

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Rado R-One “Tron”: Mechanism

The watch has a rather tiny dial at the center of the front part with a lot of empty space at the top and bottom. Even though it is less than the other models, but the dial is clear and well-decorated in the style of Rado. Please note that a small anchor – Rado logo, actually moves around on its axis like a small rotor. Inside the watch is rarely used the mechanism, which is the Swiss automatic chronograph movement ETA 2094. We can assume that it is a smaller version of the chronograph 2894. Through the window on the back of the watch, Rado R-One can observe the work of the chronograph.

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Rado R-One “Tron”: Strap or Bracelet

R-Clock One Rado – a mixture of matte and glossy ceramic coating the entire hull structure. There is not too much contrast in the style of the model created based on the movie “Tron”. Parts of the film are flat glowing blue stripes, they glow in the dark and are matched with the colors of the arrows. Blue stripes are lum-composition, which are located on the sides and the middle portion of the housing. Several other blue – decorative line from the center of the watch continues on a rubber strap.

Rado R-One “Tron”: Price

The dial is protected by sapphire crystal, which has a unique shape. Rado brand has a unique appearance and limited production, so it is quite ambitious in the price. The price of each of the 300 models Rado R-One (R-1) is $ 15,000.

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