I have bought a beautiful watch: Orient Open Heart

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The Japanese watch brand Orient has recently become part of the Epson conglomerate, retaining its basic principles. The brand still offers high-quality Japanese watches for reasonable money. In the review today – both the absolute novelties and the restyling of the hits that have already become part of the story. All three models of orient open heart are united by the open balance indicator through which you can endlessly monitor the mechanism.

Japanese strict and romantic orient open heart

Specifications Orient RA-AR0004S1 Orient Mechanical Classic Watch RA-AS0003S1 Orient RA-AG0017Y1
Type of mechanism mechanical self-winding mechanical self-winding mechanical self-winding
Caliber Epson Epson F6L24 Epson F6T22
Housing steel steel steel
Clock face white beige brown
Bracelet leather belt leather belt leather belt
Water protection 50WR 50WR 50WR
Backlight luminescent arrows and tags
Stone inset the dial is decorated with crystals
Glass sapphire sapphire mineral
Dimensions 40x48mm, thickness 10.9mm D 42mm

The dial of the Orient RA-AR0004S1 men’s mechanical watch is cut out of marble and quartz: the surface covered with a notch sunray (“sun rays”), is molded with mother-of-pearl, the chopped faces of the marks and hands are polished to a mirror shine. All differences in height, edges of the aperture and small dial are marked with strips of polished steel.

orient open heart

Of course, the main emphasis is placed on the presentation of the open balance indicator of watches, which is intertwined with the indicator of seconds in the six o’clock in the infinite eight. And the patch marks, which, like the seams, tighten parts of the dial, reinforce the feeling that you have a skeleton.

Dimensions and architecture of the case

The geometry of the body successfully hides its height. The back cover is smoothed, the side surface is intentionally narrowed, the faces are removed from the ears. The mechanism is encased in a stainless steel case, but is open to the eye from all sides: from the front, it is an aperture, and almost the entire back cover is transparent glass.

Elegant casual style

The model turned out to be a classic design and at the same time for every day. The exact Japanese movement works without winding for up to 40 hours (automatic winding and daily wear eliminate the need to wind the watch manually). But if there is a need, you can start the mechanism manually. And using the stop second-hand function set the exact time. The low-key design, neutral choice of materials and colors will allow you to combine the RA-AR0004S model with almost any way. In addition to sports: the watch has a low water resistance of 5 atmospheres and a belt, textured under crocodile skin.

Orient: Elegant casual style

The Orient RA-AS0003S1 is a luxurious version of an open balance men’s watch. The abundance of gold, filigree design of the dial and complication characteristic of luxury models. The classic three-pointer is complicated by the indicator of the phases of day and night, which gave the model name: Orient Sun & Moon, “The Sun and the Moon.”

Signs of aristocracy

Refined hour markers – strips of metal and Roman numerals, leave no doubt that we have the costume, or, if you like, evening hours. The central circle is covered with guilloche in the form of diamonds, the same incision is found on the arms of the weapon. The aperture and the “Sun and Moon” indicator are framed with golden rings. Even the brand logo is a skillfully made gold-plated element, and not just paint. The picture would be incomplete without interesting hands, hour and minute here in the form of a leaf (from the English list), and the second received the “Breguet apple.”

Dimensions and design of the case

design of the case

Thick honey gilding covers all surfaces of the case, except for the back cover, which gives an overview of the whole mechanism through the glass. The watches seem to be a little inflated intentionally: rounded sides, diameter, a few millimeters larger than the size of the caliber itself. The protrusions of the case are interestingly beaten as if they are repeated on the ears of the fastening belt. Even the glass, though not convex, but with the effect of magnification.


Inside the caliber of the new generation F6l24 with automatic winding, the possibility of manual winding and the function of stopping the second hand. All new calibers Orient have similar functionality.

Many consider the mechanics as a lot of men’s watches, but Orient denies this statement, releasing beautiful women’s mechanical collections. Watch with an open balance and did become the face of women’s Orient. The female model RA-AG0017Y1 of the Orient Contemporary collection is an improved version of the most recognizable and popular model Orient Blue Moon with a new mechanism and already with the Epson logo at the back. Among the new features – manual winding, stopping the second hand for accurate time setting.


Romantic decor

The road was strewn with glittering drops spread across almost the entire surface of the dial. The aperture on edge is densely covered with fragments of blue crystals. Instead of tags, crystals are also installed, or shiny faceted diamonds. Of the numbers left only Roman 12. Wherever there is metal on the dial, it is gilded.

Grace and roundness of forms

Time reads fine, golden arrows with extensions are visible on a brown background. The shape of the body resembles a half of a sphere. Mineral glass rises a little over everything; its chopped edge immediately flows into a narrow sloping bezel, which, in turn, continues in rounded sides.

Excellent accessory

The watches are delivered on a brown leather bracelet with classic buckles. In your collection, there will surely be products made of gold and stones that will make a harmonious composition with a watch.

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