Omega reintroduces the omega speedmaster calibre 321

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Despite being only at the beginning of January, Omega launches one of the news of the year: the legendary Caliber 321 of the original Moonwatch returns. Surprising. The truth is that it is news that nobody, except the people of Omega involved in the omega speedmaster calibre 321 Project, knew, intuited or expected. At the moment, all we know is what Biel’s manufacturing shows in the press area of his website. Then, we leave you with the translated text. We will inform as we have more data.

Omega speedmaster calibre 321

If we ask the watchmaking fans what would be the movement that they would like to see again in today’s timepieces, many of them will answer the Caliber 321 of Omega. Robust and elegant, this chronograph movement has been one of the favorites since the 1940s and remains one of the most desired by collectors around the world. Now, more than 50 years after the last of the Calibres 321 was manufactured, Omega announces its recovery.



Known for its beauty as well as complicated design, the original Caliber 321 deserved to occupy a remarkable place in history. This movement was implemented in a variety of models including the Speedmaster ST 105.003 (the first model tested and qualified by NASA that was used by astronaut Ed White during the first American spacewalk) and the Speedmaster ST 105.012 (the first clock used on the moon).



Reintroducing a movement with such an important reputation must, therefore, be carried out as accurately as possible. For the one named Project Caliber 321, Omega has dedicated the work of a team of experts who have worked efficiently for two years under the absolute confidentiality. This small group of professionals was made up of researchers, developers, and historians as well as, of course, skilled artisans and watchmakers.



Taking the second generation of Caliber 321 as a reference, the Omega team conducted extensive historical research as well as a compilation of the original plans to reconstruct the movement as accurately as possible. Going even further, they also used digital scanning technology to see inside the original Speedmaster ST 105.003 that astronaut Eugene “Gene” Cernan used on the moon during the 1972 Apollo 17 mission.

The result of this whole process has been able to reproduce even the most singular and iconic components of the Caliber 321. The new movements will enter production at the Omega headquarters in Bienne.

Final step,

All manufacturing steps will take place in a workshop dedicated exclusively to Caliber 321. For each of these new movements the entire assembly process, including the watch and the bracelet, will be carried out by the watchmaker himself. It is the own brand at the end of the translated text that informs that, during the next months there will be more news about this, let me call it that, notification.

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