Review of the female silver watch Nick Exclusive 1100.12.9.53V

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Over the past two decades, this phrase, along with calls for support of domestic producers, causes mixed feelings among citizens of our country. On the one hand, I want to buy what we have done and helped our native production. On the other hand, the quality of domestic products, unfortunately, often leaves much to be desired.

Specifications of Nick Exclusive 1100.12.9.53V

female silver watch Nick Exclusive

Type of mechanism: mechanical with automatic winding
Housing: Sterling Silver
Clock face: pearl gray
A bracelet: leather belt
Glass: mineral
Stone insert: case and dial are decorated with 68 diamonds

What do we even know about them? We are so used to the fact that the best watches are made in Switzerland as if forgetting that for several years the same Swiss watch houses in the second half of the 20th century bought components for the production of mechanisms in the USSR. This fact looks especially interesting against the backdrop of the Soviet government’s desire to channel all its forces and resources to the needs of the defense industry and the development of the military-industrial complex, an industry whose some products were rude and mass-produced. However, despite all the circumstances, then the craftsmen were also found to create graceful details for watch movements! Keep reading: Review of aviator bristol scout watch


Can modern watches be made in modern Russia, for which we will not be ashamed before other countries, and, most importantly, will not be ashamed of ourselves?

They can. The watch of the Russian company Nika is the best example of this. Today we are considering a female silver watch model 1100.12.9.53B from the company Nick. The model is included in the Exclusive collection.

Nick’s mechanical watch 1100.12.9.53B is similar to the stories about the mysterious Russian soul – here it is, it has opened, you can see it, but it will not be possible to understand it to the end. The same thing happens when looking at the mechanism of silver female watches Nick 1100.12.9.53V – we can see it through the transparent back cover, we admire its magnificence, but we can not catch all the subtleties.


female silver watch Nick Exclusive

The mother-of-pearl dial of women’s mechanical watches Nika can charm with beauty. This beauty is moderately strict and devoid of even the slightest hint of vulgarity. Poppies on the dial contribute to the appearance of summer mood, and the drop-stones, acting as hour markers, effectively shine, catching the rays of light. The transparent window in the upper part of the dial in its structure resembles a porthole in a spaceship – it seems that you can look at it endlessly. Only instead of space, we see the clockwork mechanism – a kind of microcosm!

Diamonds in the model of women’s silver watches Nick 1100.12.9.53V are located not only on the dial. Look at the body – here they are, elegantly ring its surface, like a stylish belt on a slender female waist. At manufacturing of model of the master of the company of Nik used 68 brilliants.


The case of the model is made of 925 silver. This approach to creating watches will not surprise those who are already familiar with the watchmaking creativity of Nick. This Russian company was founded in 2003 with the aim of creating such watches, in the production of which only the best materials would be used – silver, gold, diamonds, the best types of leather for straps. As for the latter, he, as you can see for yourself, on Nick’s watch 1100.12.9.53B is made in white.

The whole history of the company Nika, from the first days of its existence in 2003, and to our time, not only gives hope that the domestic producer will be able to create beautiful, competitive goods, but also allows us to feel pride in the beauty that our homeland gives the world already Today. The stand of Nick company at the international exhibition Baselworld confirms this.

Women’s watches Nick 1100.12.9.53B will be a magnificent gift to a special woman – she can be a mother, a beloved girl, a wife, a sister. And the occasion is approaching – the New Year holidays will come soon enough. The clock will not even need an extra gift wrap, because the box in which the watch is delivered is in itself so elegant that it does not require any wraps and ribbons.

Grace and nobleness

What Nick’s company should learn from many other domestic producers (and not just watches). From women’s silver watches Nick 1100.12.9.53V comes the energy of love and care, which they invested in the masters of this domestic company.

We are sure that the day will come when many of our compatriots and guests from countries of near and far abroad will increasingly admire the Russian clock, named after the goddess of victory from Greek mythology. The four letters of the Russian language, which form the word Nick, will not require additional explanations. This watch is a work of art, they are worthy of attention. You might also like:

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