Men’s watch Momentum Torpedo Blast Review

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It is rare to find an ultra affordable men’s watch with quality components and a nice design. At least not the quality most watch enthusiasts look for. Now, when I say ultra affordable, I know $150 is still considered a lot of the general public to spend on a watch, and while there are many Seiko and Citizen watches out there in this price range, I think this Momentum Torpedo Blast is a contender, not only in quality but also in design, that is if you like a dive watch. The Momentum Torpedo Blast is 44mm with a Seiko VX32G quartz movement, and in this instance, an upgraded sapphire crystal for an extra $35, bringing the total price to $149. With that said, allow me to discuss this affordable driver in more detail.

Momentum Torpedo Blast Specifications:

  1. 44mm stainless steel case
  2. 51mm lug to lug
  3. 22mm lug width
  4. 12mm thick
  5. Sapphire Crystal (as shown)
  6. Seiko VX32G quartz movement
  7. 200 meters water resistant
Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

The Momentum Torpedo Blast is a basic dive watch. No frills, no ceramic bezel insert, no lumen bezel, no helium release valve, a simple case back and a no-nonsense rubber strap. (Well, except for that vanilla nonsense, but more on that in a bit). The large dial opening and massive Arabic numbers make it easy to read, even if you wear coke bottle glasses you can probably still see these numbers from a good distance without your specs. On one hand, that is a good thing as a dive watch should be easily readable, I mean you are underwater and you need to see your dive time, you do not want to have to squint. In general, you do not want to have to take a double take to tell the time from your watch. On the other hand, it is not the most attractive dial with those massive numbers, but this watch is meant to be more of a tool and not a fashion accessory per say. The yellow accents give a nice pop of color to the matte black dial, and if yellow is not your bag, they have a red accent version as well.
The standard crystal is mineral, and your price point for that is $114. Adding the sapphire upgrade is what brings you to $150, and I find that well worth it. If you are like me and scratches to your crystal are more a worry than impact resistance, then spend the couple extra dollars for the sapphire. I almost exclusively wear and buy watches with sapphire crystals and have never smashed one, and I am not easy on my watches either.

As I touched on in the video, the website and spec list does not state exactly what movement is used. I am not sure why they do that, maybe so they can change the movement if their stock runs out, and since they never state what it is, no one will know. Or maybe they just leave it out because they feel it is not super important. I do know it is, in fact, a Seiko VX32G quartz movement, a good movement for what it is, and the 5-year battery life is a nice plus, no running to the watch repair guy every 2 years. Of course being an affordable quartz, the second hand is not going to hit the markers precisely, so if you are a little on the OCD side of things, you have been warned.

The massive crown is a little too massive for my tastes, but of course allows you to set the time or date while the watch is on your wrist with no issue. The Momentum Torpedo Blast is not a massive watch at 44mm, but the large numbers on the dial and the large crowd make it feel bigger than it is. For those that like a bigger watch, this will surely delight them. The stainless bezel with aluminum inserts ratchets nicely and without any real issue. It is not sloppy or full of play like some watches you would see at this low price point. Momentum is known to make hard use watches, and I feel this is a watch that can be used in that vein without worry.

I love vanilla, especially vanilla beans. I love vanilla in the custard I make for my brioche french toast, vanilla bean in my cheesecake, even vanilla creamer sometimes in my coffee. In my watch straps, not so much. I love this strap from Momentum, I have had it before on a few watches, even bought a few off Amazon on occasion for use on watches from other brands. It is a natural rubber, comfortable and the metal keepers make the strap stay in place. They went overboard with the vanilla on this batch of rubber straps or at least the one I have in hand. I mean, this is really crazy pungent. If you get one that does not smell like a bake shop, you will certainly love it.

The volume of the men’s watch Momentum Torpedo Blast is adequate. The large numbers seem to glow more than the hands, but the hands do glow enough to be able to see the time in the dark. At a watch of this price, I do not expect to see the sun in my eyes lame, but a coating or two extra on the hands would have made it perfect.

Overall, for the price of the Momentum Torpedo Blast, it is a great affordable dive watch that should give you years of use. It is built solid, is easy to read, and comfortable on the wrist due to the natural rubber strap. This is definitely a watch for someone wanting something with more quality than that 10-year-old Fossil they have been sporting but are still afraid to spend a few hundred, or of course that great beater that you wear on the weekends.

Price $114 with mineral crystal, $149.00 with Sapphire.

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