Marvin Malton Cushion M119

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The Marvin watch has an interesting and notable story that began in the distant 1850, but eventually, the brand joined the MSR group, and in the 70s it virtually disappeared altogether. And now we will move to 2017 when the name Marvin was renewed after the purchase of the brand by Jean-Daniel Maya and his wife Cecil, who were eager to resurrect the Marvin brand.

Review of Marvin Malton Cushion M119

Marvin Malton Cushion
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Watch Malton Cushion M119, the full name M119.23.24.84, is easy to decide from their brothers and sisters, thanks to the bold combination of PVD body and a bright white dial with black markers. Although there are many versions of M119, this time the brand offers watches with 42 mm width. The model shows an excellent combination of polished and matte elements, through the back cover you can see the movement of the mechanisms. It should be noted that the watch is beautifully executed.

Marvin Malton Cushion M119: Mechanism

Marvin Malton Cushion
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The set, along with a punched white coloration, is fantastic and probably the best of the entire M119 line. The dial is gorgeous, in detail decorated with great shading, which serves as a platform for matte black markers. The arrows are made in black gloss and are coated with a luminescent coating; their straightforward and minimal shapes correspond to the tags for all odd numbers on the primary display. The black ring, which is located on the main dial, shows a simple 24-hour format. Finally, the date display is located in the place of the six-hour marker and represents the number of black on the white date wheel. Alternatives, within the range of M119, include a series with a selection of a variety of colors.

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Marvin Malton Cushion M119: Look

Visible through the back cover of the display, the movement of the Marvin M119 works on the mechanism of the Sellita SW 200. Offering a power reserve of 36 hours, this campaign relies on 26 precious stones.

Marvin Malton Cushion M119: Strap

The Marvin Malton Cushion M119 watch has a perforated black leather strap with a bright red lining. The strap is soft and very comfortable. It perfectly fits the clock thanks to the contrast stitch and the signed buckle. If the leather strap is not included in your preferences, there are other M119 models that are manufactured with attractive stainless-steel bracelets.

Marvin Malton Cushion
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Marvin Malton Cushion M119: Design

Marvin Malton Cushion M119 is convenient and comfortable to carry on the wrist, thanks to the total weight – only 99 grams. Although of course, the sports perforated belt looks great, I also found the M119 with simple leather straps: black and brown. The design of the case is well combined with a black alligator strap.

Marvin Malton Cushion M119: Price

The prices for the Marvin Malton Cushion M119 watch range from $1,380 to $1,690. I think that the Marvin watch is worth a closer look since the M119 are fine watches that are of a perfect size, easy to read and to carry with pleasure.

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