Kisai wooden watches, the ecological and futuristic complement

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Composed of wood and leather, Kisai wooden watches are elegant when it comes to wearing them. Its LCD screen is composed of different blocks: one for the hour, another for the minutes. The absence of numbers gives you that enigmatic side. Rather round, the wooden strap of the Rogue SR2 watch is beige and brown. Its screen is available in three colors, including red and green. Now, it’s time to present the Kisai wooden watches. Accustomed to presenting original watches.

Kisai Wooden watches

Kisai wooden watches, the ecological and futuristic complement

Technology is wonder, it has “connected” us to the world and it has given us hours and hours of entertainment, but sometimes it may seem that we depend too much on it. The smartwatches is the latest fashion in technology, many may not like this accessory too much and it is normal, since there is almost no time a day that we do not have an email, a social network alert, a call on our smartphone And having another device that tells us the same thing can be a bit annoying at times.

Leaving smartwhaches aside, clocks have not changed much in recent decades, has added some small function but nothing remarkable. But there is a small company in Japan that is focusing the use of technology on making a really interesting and innovative watch.

The Japanese company Kisai has several very eye-catching

The design of these watches is made of wood and the buttons are made of metal, something that at first glance does not give us an impression that is too technological or sophisticated. But if we press one of the buttons, the front of the clock lights up showing us the exact time.

Obviously this clock will not tell us the distance we have walked, it will not allow us to read text messages, or see social networks, or anything like that. What it will do, however, will be to simply show us the date, time and alarms that we put.

Kisai watches do not offer, for once, any major technological innovation: they indicate the time and date (Stencil Wood model). They are electro-luminescent and have an alarm. Keep reading: Latest Two Sports watches for active lifestyles.

These two watches also have the distinction of being made of wood and being extremely light. On the other hand, its ecological design and its futuristic-looking screen are a first in the field of watchmaking.

Advantages of Kisai wooden watches

Kisai wooden watch

If the Kisai watch offers many advantages, its concept can perplex more than one. The difficulty to read the time on the screen composed of two pads is its main defect. But there is no doubt that the most intrepid this will not matter too much.

Wood complements are becoming more and more indispensable. Sunglasses or watches have already given way, as we have just seen, to the trend. Surely, we still have much to see in a matter of wooden accessories. Once again, imagination to power is what it takes.

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