How to use a rotating bezel on wrist watch

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Technically, the bezel is an independent part of the housing that holds the glass. As the potential of the wristwatch unfolded, this element also took on new forms. Today, depending on the purpose, the bezel can have a different embodiment, which in many respects determines the style of the wrist accessory, and perform different tasks. Here, we’ll discuss how to use a rotating bezel.

The main difference between the functional bezel and the decorative bezel is the possibility of rotation or a scale placed on it. Let’s consider some kinds. Continue reading: Collection of Timberland watches Tilden

How to use a rotating bezel?

how to use a rotating bezel

A unidirectional swivel ring with divisions, or a lunette, is an indispensable element of a diver’s watch. It serves to control the air reserve, as well as the time of diving or ascent. The bezel of a diver’s watch can rotate only in one direction – in the right (direct countdown) or in the left (countdown).


We have already told how the southern direction can be determined by the sun and the dial. A rotating bezel with a painted or engraved compass marking facilitates this task.

Hold the clock horizontally, the hour hand should point to the sun, mark S (south) move so that the angle between the hour hand and the 12 o’clock mark is divided in half. This method is suitable for the Northern Hemisphere from 6 am to 6 pm.

Tachymeter – speed determination on the established interval


Tachymeter on the bezel of the clock-chronographs allows you to know the average speed on a kilometer section of the road. The scale is usually drawn from 60 km / h, but there are also “pedestrian” options, where there is an additional circle from 5 km / h.

Start the stopwatch at the beginning of the path, at the end of the segment, press pause. A second hand will indicate the corresponding digit on the scale.

GMT – second time zone function

rotating bezel

The GMT function is a 24-hour scale, drawn on a bezel. As a rule, it works in conjunction with an additional central arrow of the second time zone. However, the time of the second time zone can be adjusted and using the bezel itself – knowing the time difference, move it to the desired number of steps in the right or left side of the clockwise direction.

Telemetry – measuring the distance to the sound source

The calculation is based on the speed of sound in the air, which is approximately 343 m / sec. in dry air conditions at a temperature of 20 ° C. The maximum distance that the watch owner can measure is about 20,000 meters (the time between the two phenomena will be about 60 seconds).

Watch bezel

After seeing the source of the sound (for example, lightning flash), press the start of the stopwatch, and when you hear the sound itself (peal of thunder), press the pause. The second hand will indicate the number on the bezel – this is the distance to the thunderstorm.

Logarithmic ruler for calculations

The logarithmic ruler allows you to perform various mathematical calculations. Multiplication and division, exponentiation, calculation of interest, fuel consumption, exchange rate, conversion of degrees from the Celsius system to Fahrenheit and so on – all this can be done with a wristwatch.

how to use bezel

Example No 1

15×12 =?

We find the number 15 on the outer scale, connect it with the number 10 on the inner (the reference point, used for simple calculations, it is highlighted in white background). Then to the right, we find the number 12 on the inner scale, on the contrary – 18 on the outer scale. The correct answer is 180.

Example number 2

200/ 20 =?

We find on the outer scale the figure 20 and combine it with the number 20 on the inside. After that, we find the digit 10 (reference point) on the inner scale and look at the number opposite. The correct answer is 10. You may also like:

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