Hour Horoscope 2017- Taurus and Twins

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Taurus is the undisputed ruler of all material things. Often in things, first of all, they see the decoration, and only then the functional object. Have you heard the expression of the Golden Taurus? So, this sign of the zodiac is really very much the given color and metal. Especially in combination with the dark and black shades of the coming year, Snakes.

Hour Horoscope 2017- Taurus & Twins
Hour Horoscope 2017- Taurus

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Male Taurus is to get acquainted with useful people. It is possible that closer to the spring you will feel a lack of positive emotions. To survive this period, surround yourself with pleasant things, treat yourself to delicious dishes. Be a little selfish, after all! You, too, are lucky, one day you will feel how luck itself floats in your hands. To your hands were ready for such joy, dress them in brand new gold or gold-plated watches, for example, mechanical Ponto’s from Maurice Lacroix.

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Women-Taurus in 2017 are waiting for well – deserved career success. All the fleeting novels by the end of the year will grow into one strong feeling, and to the one who all this time was considered only a friend. In a word, trust your natural instinct – he will tell you how to behave in deeds and love. A good mood will be given to you with old baubles and vintage jewelry. To feel like a princess, try to try on the watch Zeppelin, Princess of the Sky. Thanks to a removable strap, at your request they can turn into an elegant pendant!

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The twins still want everything at once and are terribly in a hurry. “Here, you know, you have to run all the way to just stay in the same place. And to get to another place, you need to run twice as fast! “Despite the popular saying, in its quest for knowledge and clarity, Gemini will not mock anyone, but on the contrary, will acquire like-minded people.

Hour Horoscope 2017- Taurus & Twins
Hour Horoscope 2017- Twins

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Men-Gemini will have to make some efforts to achieve the intended goal. And no matter who or what is the object of this goal. Whatever it was, the spring will be the most romantic period, not only in the coming year but also in life! Enjoy your dual nature with the functional Jacques Lemans Turntable Dualtime clock with a double dial: the sport easily turns into a classic and back!

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Female twins much fall in love right in the beginning of the year. If she takes the initiative, the object of her adoration is guaranteed to not go anywhere. With the beginning of spring, practice yoga to replenish the balance of vitality. In August, expenses may exceed revenues, monitor financial transactions. A successful investment will be the purchase of modern design watches with strict geometric lines from a well-known fashion brand. With the watch-bracelet from Emporio Armani, you are the very elegance!

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