Hour Horoscope 2017- Cancer and Lion

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Sultry Cancers, born in the peak of the summer solstice, will be cozy and comfortable in the coming year. It may be necessary to limit the circle of communication – but next will be only those people whom you really want to see. And remember your main wisdom: back on, do not forget to move forward!

Hour Horoscope 2017- Cancer and Lion
Hour Horoscope 2017- Cancer

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Male Cancer is not recommended to conceive anything grandiose. Hang on, wait for the storm, do not take rash decisions. Everything will be resolved by itself: first, the old debts will return, and then a clear understanding of the situation will come. The patroness of the crayfish is the Moon itself, so the silver mint Epos Starry Sky with a beautiful lunar link will be the true talisman in the new year.

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For women, Cancers, the family and the house will be in the first place all year round. However, in the first half of the year, the probability of moving is great. It is possible that he will be associated with the restoration of broken relations and preparation for a serious period in life. To once again do not remember the transience of time and do not get stuck in domestic chores, take care of your own good mood: make yourself an unusual gift! Elegant watch Kenzo Pagodon with a dial in the form of a droplet will come in handy!

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Strong and independent, Lions and Lionesses are the real masters of life. Around them is concentrated only the best. Next year, you will have to strengthen control over the project or people who do not trust, so as not to miss the main thing.

Hour Horoscope 2017- Lion
Hour Horoscope 2017- Lion

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Female Lionesses will turn into fatal beauties. Enjoy the impression you make on the surrounding men, but do not get carried away and do not make your loved one jealous. The stars predict success in historical and research activities. At the end of the summer, a big profit is expected. You do not have to worry about your health. Take better care of maintaining your own status – this will help you design watches Cristina London, decorated with a scattering of precious diamonds.

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In turn, men, secular Lions, will successfully expand the circle of friends and acquaintances. Summer Lions is useful for a long holiday. The Year of the Serpent will give you a reliable patron. You would never guess who it would be! The former relationship may be boring, but weigh 10 times all the pros and cons before making any decision about it. The symbol of luxury and royal dignity for you next year will be the weekend hours of Bruno Sohnle Como.

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