Guides on the quartz and mechanical watches

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Quartz watches are called the clock, in which quartz crystals act as an oscillating system. This function is necessary for clock operation clock mechanism. This mechanism allows for longevity and accuracy.

The use of quartz crystal in the manufacture of watches, designed by specialists from the beginning of the XX century. However, despite this, this idea was realized only in 1969, and more specifically in December. The very first company that released the first quartz wristwatch is Seiko. It was from then on there is a dispute, which is a still better watch, mechanical or quartz?

The principle on which work quartz watch

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The main achievement in the work of these watches is the use of quartz crystal as a generator, which is able to generate an electrical impulse to 1Hz and the converted pulse. The latter, incidentally, is supplied to a stepper motor, which drives the hour hand. It turns out that if a mechanical watch the energy source is represented as a pendulum or a spring motor, which was launched as a result of complicated systems connected to each other mechanisms already in quartz watches, the system has become much easier. Today, the energy source which more compact and easier it is represented by a dedicated battery, designed for a certain period – it could be a few months, maybe a few years.

In addition, quartz crystals have piezoelectric properties. This means that when compressed the crystals produce eclectic impulses and contraction is due to create around the crystal electric field. So as a result developed a scheme in which some of the quartz crystal is sometimes generated and the electric field to disappear, you can achieve the appearance of an electric pulse. The resulting vibration of the crystal and is used to start clockwork. In addition, for the most accurate quartz hours, you need to get the vibration frequency in hertz 32768. Further, all a matter of technique, in other words, the mechanisms that will translate vibrations of quartz crystals in the state of the movable arrows: step motor, the second wheel, gear wheel, the hour wheel and the central wheel.

Comparison with a mechanical watch

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The debate about what time it is better, quartz or mechanical. Continuing only some forty years. However, the character of bitterness and intolerance, which are controversial data give reason to believe that such disputes could escalate into a real war that will last forever. There are more or less objective characteristics for comparison. For example, in precision quartz cut above, but it is plus or minus twenty seconds in one month than the mechanical hours (plus or minus twenty seconds in one day).

Moreover, the autonomy of use, in other words, there is no need for an external impact work support mechanisms have also quartz much higher – on average two years, while this mechanical endurance of two days. With regard to the impact, the quartz watch here also bypassed the mechanics, because it is quartz watches contain far fewer mechanical parts, which are very fragile and under various physical effects to easily move into the category of waste.

It has a quartz watch and cons. One such high temperature and susceptibility to electromagnetic radiation. Such in mechanical watches not. In addition, the repair is better and easier to a mechanical watch, as it is possible to change the part of the whole mechanism, while in quartz watches if there is a more or less serious damage, repair is inappropriate, they can say “outlived” its.

Currently, quartz watches mechanical watches are not inferior in their lifetime, which is somewhere in ten years, for some, and for other hours. If we talk about the price, the mechanical watch the procedure more expensive, depending on the complexity of their manufacture. In addition, because of its history, cultural heritage and traditions are the most prestigious than their opponent.

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