Corum Grand Precis

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Considering the clock retro style again, many fans of vintage products there is some tendency in the revival of the classic design. These things are good, not because they are classic, but because the last time they were entirely focused on the form of a smooth and reliable functionality.

Overview of Corum Grand Precis

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Rarely do you see a grandfather clock, whose arrows are too short or completely ridiculous design features? In our today’s generation, there is good and bad retro clock. They are high-end or only can imitate high class. Many firms are not made a different watch but just follow the leader.

Corum Grand Precis: Design

New edition watches Corum is based on an old design. Corum Grand Precis width of 38.5 mm and 10.25 mm in thickness made of 18-carat white gold or red. The perfect body has some stylish lines and right angles, which go perfectly with the clock. Glass made of sapphire with anti-reflective coating. The dial has a strict markers and design is a celebration of the days gone by.

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Corum Grand Precis: Style

Light texture is welcome, great looks subsidiary seconds dial, which is not a single marker. Arrows are quite long, which contributes to the accuracy of the determination of time, and also an excellent fit with this style. In a word – excellent design of the past.


Corum Grand Precis: Mechanism

Another element that please everyone – it is a mechanism. Corum Caliber CO162 manual winding with a power reserve of 38 hours. The frequency of 2.5 Hz and has 18.000 mph. There is nothing super special regarding complications, but many people like the construction of bridges. The mechanism may not be exactly modern, but more futuristic 1960s, which is an excellent decoration visible on the back cover with anti-reflective coating. Watches Corum Grand Precis waterproof to a depth of 30 meters have a leather strap in black crocodile, which is perfectly suited to this style.

Corum Grand Precis: Price

Corum Grand Precis is a rare find for those who wants to have a good classic watch with some age-old traditions and especially sleek design. Grand Precis – a collection of limited edition, the Corum offers 100 copies of the 18-carat red gold, as well as 50 copies of the 18-carat white gold. Cost models – $15,000 and $20,000, respectively.

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