Collection of Timberland watches Tilden

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The company Timberland gained fame in the sixties of the last century, making a revolution in the production of footwear. Special technology allowed to tightly connect the rubber sole with leather upper. Let’s discover Timberland watches.

Over time, the “yellow shoes” will no longer be the prerogative of the workers, they will be loved by Italian mods and American rap artists. Nevertheless, the main credo of the company today sounds like it was years ago – to create quality things for any conditions. This definition is 100% consistent with the wristwatch of the brand. Keep reading: Review of watches TAG Heuer Formula 1

Timberland watches – practicality and nothing superfluous

Timberland watches Tilden

Today in the review – two models from the Tilden collection, best representing the style and traditions of Timberland watches. One of the shoe lines, by the way, is called the same way, and the word itself is a kind of nickname that was given to “a man from a fertile valley”, like the Russian Forest or Meadow.

This watch is a simple working tool, decorated only with the manufacturer’s logo, branded “wood” shades and, of course, magnificent belts made of genuine leather, as thick, resistant to moisture and abrasion as the one made from the legendary shoes.

The current time and advanced features of the clock

Timberland watches Tilden

Specifications Timberland TBL.14644JS / 05 Timberland BL.15247JSB / 02
Type of mechanism quartz quartz
Housing steel steel with PVD-coating
Clock face Gray the black
A bracelet leather belt leather belt
Water protection 50WR 50WR
Glass mineral mineral
The calendar number day
A country USA USA

A red three-gun in a steel case is Timberland Tilden TBL.14644JS / 05 . Of the additional functions here, only a simple calendar and a 24-hour scale that came from military models. It helps you navigate in the current time, displaying it in the AM / PM system – before noon and after noon.

The Timberland Tilden TBL.15247JSB / 02 laid greater variety. The left of the three small indicators is responsible for the day of the week, the right is the time in the 24-hour format, and the bottom one displays the time of the second time zone also in the 24-hour format. Home and guest time on the journey will always be before your eyes.

General features and features of the dials

Timberland watches Tilden

The central circle of the dials is occupied by the relief with the company’s logo – white oak, symbolizing traditions and continuity. “The tree, unlike the flower, lives for a long time: it does not die in a year but continues to grow and develop,” says Geoffrey Schwartz, grandson of the company’s founder.

Large hour markers – Arabic numerals – make it easier to read the time. For more accurate information on the outer circumference, the second marks are drawn. It is not difficult to follow the arrows, their tips are covered with contrasting paint.

The combination of natural shades

Timberland watches Tilden

Unlike satin-finished steel Timberland TBL.14644JS / 05, the case TBL.15247JSB / 02 is clad in a durable PVD coating. The black color is perfectly combined with vintage camel (camel) tint and toned markers and edges of arrows.

In addition to the corrugated crown, the control buttons were placed on the body. Due to well thought-out ergonomics, there will not be any problems with tuning. Like the buttons, the protruding screws fastening the strap very organically fit into the brutal look of the men’s watch.

Large and intuitive men’s watch

Timberland watches Tilden

The dimensions of the cases are the same, the clock with the complication is slightly larger in height. The size inspires respect – it is not so easy to find a three-gunner with a diameter of 48 mm, while not sporting, but in a man-like and tightly knocked down clock for every day.

The tasks to conquer the depths of the sea they have not, water protection of 50 meters will allow them to rinse their hands in the stream and not be afraid of the rain. The main thing after contact with water is to clean the belt correctly – the recommendations are the same as with shoes made of genuine leather. You might also like:

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