Tips for Choosing a pendulum wall clock

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The pendulum wall clock, also known as the “pendant”, is a favorite piece of furniture that is timeless. Such clocks look especially good in rooms where there is a place for large parts. Then the pendulum wall clock will be a great addition to the interior, which will bring comfort and peace. 

Choosing a pendulum wall clock

pendulum wall clock

So, when choosing a clock with a pendulum, it is worth thinking, first of all, about the size. It can be a very compact model in a modern style, and a massive solution, where the pendulum is placed behind the door with a viewing glass. Be sure to consider the size of the room. Hours should not occupy a maximum of space and crush their dimensions. Yes, today’s popular trend suggests placing a large clock in a room, but this applies only to flat models.

Another important aspect is the materials. Consider whether a classic case made of natural wood or a metal case is preferable to your interior, and maybe you like the combined case of wood and metal. A wooden pendulum clock is usually made from oak, walnut or cherry.

Classic wall clock

Classic wall clock

Among the manufacturers producing classic wall clock with a pendulum, it is worth highlighting Hermle, Howard Miller, Bulova. In their collections, you will find luxury models in the case of artificially aged wood. At the same time, the functionality of the clock is up-to-date – they can be battery operated, you can adjust the volume of the fight or automatically turn it off at night. As befits a real clock with a pendulum, every hour they play a melody, as well as fragments of it – every fifteen minutes and half an hour. In addition, Howard Miller and Hermle offer original, visually light models of open construction. The dial is kept on a light frame, a faceplate or steel figures of artistic casting.

The shape of the case

There is a Howard Miller watch in retro style mid-XX century. Their difference is the rectangular shape of the case, the polished pendulum with chrome plating and minimalistic markings on the dial (compared to the 19th-century clock). You will find similar, but more compact and budget solutions in the range of wall clocks Seiko. It is worth noting a variety of not only forms but also colors. For example, you can easily select watches for light-colored furniture and even pink-coral-colored watches for a non-standard bedroom, kitchen or living room interior.

Russian classics – Vostok pendulum clock. The world-famous domestic brand offers beautiful watches of precious wood, stylized as the XIX and XX centuries, but at affordable prices. There are all the most important features that we talked about above. Around the same price range – wall classics from the Japanese brand Rhythm.

If you love luxury and you are interested in large wall models of elongated shape, pay attention to the Kieninger watch. They are also made of wood and glass according to the classical canons and look great in the interior of the antique.




The original style at the junction of classic and modern is also represented by the Power watch in a light plastic case. In the middle price segment, Power offers a relatively inexpensive classic pendulum clock in a wooden case.

Beautiful wall clocks can be a symbol of your home. For example, a watch with a carved pediment will be the final touch to the interior in the old or eclectic style, and ultra-modern pendulum clocks, such as Lowell Low14528, will even fit into the high-tech style. The pendulum clock will not only impress guests but also delight your family for many years!


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