How to Configure and Connect the Smart Watches

If you are going for the first time buy a smart watch, functioning under the control of Android Wear, it is likely that the initial setting of the gadget will cause you some problems. Solve their help this manual. It is suitable for all devices endowed with Google’s operating system, whether it’s Moto 360 2, the LG Watch, Urbane or some other model.

It should be noted that the developers of Google constantly improve his creation. So do not be surprised that your watch some of the steps may differ from those listed in this medication guide. Continue reading “How to Configure and Connect the Smart Watches”

Guides on the quartz and mechanical watches

Quartz watches are called the clock, in which quartz crystals act as an oscillating system. This function is necessary for clock operation clock mechanism. This mechanism allows for longevity and accuracy.

The use of quartz crystal in the manufacture of watches, designed by specialists from the beginning of the XX century. However, despite this, this idea was realized only in 1969, and more specifically in December. The very first company that released the first quartz wristwatch is Seiko. It was from then on there is a dispute, which is a still better watch, mechanical or quartz? Continue reading “Guides on the quartz and mechanical watches”

11 Rules That You Must Follow to Buy Your First Watch

There are many variables to take into account before making a strong deal for a watch.
For any of us to spend in a quality watch can be a difficult and complicated business. We may not even know where to start. Continue reading “11 Rules That You Must Follow to Buy Your First Watch”

The 5 Most Important Pocket Watches Of All Time

Throughout many decades watch dealers and fans of beautiful timepieces have been fascinated by the wonder of the mechanical watch- the movement that’s kept the trains running on time and helped the life—saving nurse keep time during her ward shift. Although not as frequently seen as these days as in the past, the pocket watch is making a resurgence so we thought it would be interesting to take a look into some of the most remarkable pocket watches from this century and beyond— including one of the most complex mechanical devices that have ever been made. Continue reading “The 5 Most Important Pocket Watches Of All Time”

Men’s watch Momentum Torpedo Blast Review

It is rare to find an ultra affordable men’s watch with quality components and a nice design. At least not the quality most watch enthusiasts look for. Now, when I say ultra affordable, I know $150 is still considered a lot of the general public to spend on a watch, and while there are many Seiko and Citizen watches out there in this price range, I think this Momentum Torpedo Blast is a contender, not only in quality but also in design, that is if you like a dive watch. The Momentum Torpedo Blast is 44mm with a Seiko VX32G quartz movement, and in this instance, an upgraded sapphire crystal for an extra $35, bringing the total price to $149. With that said, allow me to discuss this affordable driver in more detail. Continue reading “Men’s watch Momentum Torpedo Blast Review”

Hindenberg Challenge for adventurers

The Hindenberg Challenge is a clock weight. First, because it is heavy as it should be (235 grams), and secondly, because it shows that the elegant and modern design does not have to cost thousands of euros. Today I look at the clock more closely.

Take it out of the packaging, and the first thing that strikes me is the almost glowing orange sphere. I like a lot, as I had imagined. Continue reading “Hindenberg Challenge for adventurers”

Andre Belfort Terra Nova: Tradition in blue

I recently had the opportunity to lead in a wrist Andre Belfort for barely a week (five days). Readers of this blog know by now that necessarily am not the biggest fan traditional design watches. There are some features of the watches that do not necessarily personally I like – but if the overall impression of a watch remains harmonious, is also fine for me. The Terra Nova de André Belfort is one of those cases. I could imagine taking it for much longer than a week low. Continue reading “Andre Belfort Terra Nova: Tradition in blue”

Hindenberg Conqueror: The noble conquistador

Watches for men can exhibit quietly that are for men.And I mean that in the sense topic imaginable: to remain distinctive, rough, angular, also in dark colors. The Hindenberg Conqueror is exactly a watch like this.

What first strikes me is its open balance wheel.Personally, I think this design element is almost generally good, and the Hindenburg is no different. Even the color of the clock, the black tone with white, silver and red contrasting colors cause me the impression of being in a tribute to the races. Conqueror, conqueror, also comes from pearls. Continue reading “Hindenberg Conqueror: The noble conquistador”

American watchmakers of the highest quality

Readers of this blog will know that I am of the opinion that good watches do not have to come only from Switzerland. Although there exists a full-fledged concentration of watchmakers of the highest quality, now also they gained solid ground manufacturers outside Europe. For example, in the United States.

The following article presents the “all Americans”, ie, those who not only are based in the United States, but also produced there watchmakers. Continue reading “American watchmakers of the highest quality”

No retro, but cool: Hindenberg Vintage Aviator

At this point it is no longer a novelty for regular readers of my blog I’m a big fan of retro watches. I like more, of course, the original from the 60s, 70s and 80s, but the retro design certainly follows right behind them.

And then there is a type of design that I would not qualify as “retro” but as “vintage”. These are watches whose exterior reminds rather the steampunk look as design, rather than the 60s to 80. The Hindenberg Vintage Aviator it is such a candidate. It seems a part of an old machine, and stainless steel designed intentionally grainy and with a used look is crucial part of it. The bezel takes this a step further. It looks to me like a spiral steel, even after long years of use in the factory still makes its service reliably. Continue reading “No retro, but cool: Hindenberg Vintage Aviator”