Bulova Marine Star Watch Reviews

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The Bulova Marine Star watch is more than just a wristwatch; the product is an exceptional icon within technology’s market that has generated a peerless legacy over the past 300 years.

Bulova designed the world’s first wristwatch, and the Czechoslovakian company continues to dominate competitors with their valuable and innovative merchandise. Presently, Bulova’s fashionable watches are exclusively purchased and promoted by NASA, Air Force One, and U.S. Olympic Teams!

Technology today has a tendency to be unreliable, but this Bulova Marine Star wrist watch is a product to depend on! Bulova’s patrons may observe time at their convenience and utilize the device to measure necessary intervals to complete projects, arrive to appointments, and always remain punctual to mandatory meetings. The day, date, and 24-hour sub-dial provides solid security.


The watch is also water-resistant and artfully crafted with a stainless-steel case, band, and bezel. A Bulova consumer with the Bulova Marine Star watch will maintain accurate time-frames in style with its superior quartz movement, along with the watch’s bezel and dial decoration of 34 beautiful diamonds.

Let’s Look at Features of the Bulova Marine Star 98E003 Watch

  • Dezel and dial accented with 34 diamonds
  • Day, date, and 24-hour sub-dial
  • Quality Japanese-quartz movement
  • Mineral crystal protects dial
  • Water resistant: 330 feet (100 M)

Bulova Marine Star Watch Reviews

The reviews are in! This Bulova Marine Star watch is a highly-acclaimed device as far as the majority of customer satisfaction is concerned. Patrons are claiming to appreciate the attention-grabbing diamond accents, as well as the beautiful watch’s classy, elegant, and sleek design.

Other fans admire the Bulova’s contrast between the black on black with the diamonds. These aesthetic features allow their purchase to truly distinguish itself from other wristwatches.

Moreover, the eye-catching product is not obnoxious to Bulova’s clients: most will declare the watch can easily be worn with anything! One particular happy customer has owned his Bulova Men’s 98E003 Marine Star Diamond Accented Watch for four years now, and has yet to need a replacement battery. He states the battery offers “truly a lifetime” of power and usability. “Great craftsmanship,” raves another satisfied patron!

Even the most revered commodities are not immune to criticism. The Bulova Marine Star Men’s Diamond Watch is no exception to this trend. Several purchasers object to the wristwatch’s limited functionality. One patron challenges the watch’s water proof advertisement, and he claims the dial quickly filled with water upon engaging an innocent dip in a hot tub.

Another customer expresses her disappointment regarding the limitations of a five day warranty! She purchased the watch as a holiday gift, but the recipient did not collect the watch until after the period of five days—voiding his warranty.

Conclusion: Over all, the Bulova Marine Star 98E003 diamond accented watch has been remarkably received by the public. This particular watch’s five-out-of-five-star evaluation constitutes the substantial bulk of reviews!

The positive reviews of Bulova’s wristwatch effortlessly obliterate the mitigating critiques that are not only scarce, but also infrequently scattered throughout the Bulova watch’s respectable assessment. The Bulova Men’s 98E003 Marine Star Diamond Accented Watch has the ability to turn heads at a valuable price!

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