5 Beautiful best men’s watches under 300 dollars

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Think classic is expensive? Prove that it is not so! There are plenty of models that can bring a certain zest to the business image of the owner without a significant impact on the budget. This is what we selected this time. Here we listed 5 best men’s watches under 300 dollars. 

Adriatica A8254.5255Q: 230 dollars

Swiss watch Adriatica A8254.5255Q

This Swiss brand is not the first to be perfectly accepted by the Russian clientele due to a reasonable price-quality ratio. Basically, it claims the sympathy of that part of the audience, which is ripe for hours for 20-25 thousand rubles. But also to those who are ready to part with the amount in half, the brand offers a choice of many worthy options.

Here, for example, a concise three-pointer for every day: stylish, reliable and, despite the dial of rich blue, thoughtfully versatile. Inside the steel 42 mm case, there is a quartz “engine” manufactured by ETA. It is responsible for the display of hours, minutes, seconds, as well as the display of the date (whose square aperture is located on the traditional “3 hours”). Solid “Swiss made” for reasonable money.

Daniel Wellington DW00100127: 170 dollars

Daniel Wellington DW00100127 watch

Hungry for diversity should pay attention to the proposals from young producers of non-Swiss origin. More precisely, those of them who, in a short time due to the noticeable design, have become the leaders of their price segment. Since 2011, Swedes from Daniel Wellington have successfully mastered the watch mass market, with an emphasis on aesthetic minimalism.

And the ultrathin quartz selected for review – not an exception to the rule. Rose gold PVD plating deposited on a steel 40 mm case adds elegance. And the dial and leather strap transparently hint that fashion for black color is imperishable.

Element 331307: 160 dollars

Wristwatch 33 Element 331307

This company has appeared recently – in 2010. However, since then, Lithuanian designers, who have joined forces with the Swiss company Flora Watch SA, have managed to produce a lot of interesting classic watches. Although they are collected in Hong Kong, only Swiss quartz movements manufactured at the Ronda factory are put inside.

The presentation of the assortment clearly illustrates the desire to demonstrate to the public the traditional product, on the one hand, and modern on the other. Such is this 38-mm laconic with black IP-coating and a round date aperture.

Orient ERAE005B: 170 dollars

Orient ERAE005B

In the environment of watch classics, the barrel-shaped case is still inferior in popularity only to the ideal outlines of the circle. Orient, in a prudent way of considering this fact in Japanese, has included in the number of the latest updates a model in a steel case with dimensions of 35×46 mm. The triple arrow makes it doubly interesting to produce an automatic caliber 48743 with 40-hour battery life and a daily accuracy of + 25 / -15 seconds per day. The water resistance of 50 meters and durable mineral glass clearly highlight the practical nature of the watch. Accidental washing in the shower or falling to the floor is unlikely to be fatal for them.

Titanium 3589-03: 130 dollars

Titanium 3589-03

The German brand, originating in the mid-1990s, is not too familiar to the domestic buyer – but in vain! In Europe, his products have long gained wide popularity due to their ideological consistency. The fact is that since the founding of the brand uses for the manufacture of shells one single metal: titanium. Many representatives of the industry, paying tribute to its anti-corrosion, hypoallergenic, lightness and strength, however, remained true to stainless steel. In the assortment of Boccia, titanium, despite the production difficulties associated with processing, on the contrary, has played and is playing a key role. At the same time, its combination with quartz calibers gives the classic wrist brand comfortable weightlessness.

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