BAUME & MERCIER: The Luxury Watch Brand

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Baume & Mercier is a brand of Swiss luxury watches that stands out in the market for its originality and constant improvement in all its pieces.

Company with more than 150 years of history …

It all started in 1830 when two brothers, Louis-Victor and Celestin Baume, opened a family watch shop in Les Bois, Jura – Switzerland. An experience that became, after a few months of its opening, a real business with a colossal reputation.

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A company that under its motto ” Accept only perfection, manufacture only watches of the highest quality ” experienced great growth from the beginning. The perfection, base of all his productions, together with the vivacity and professionalism of the brothers, made of the mark, a true revolution.

It was precisely during all these years when Louis-Victor knew how to perceive women’s interest in watchmaking and to wear their luxurious wrists like men. Discovery that led the company to greatly expand the niche market of their product.

Time of expansion …

Such was the success, that they decided to open ” Baume Brothers ” a branch in London that supposed the total expansion of the company by the rest of England, India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Burma.

At the end of the twentieth century, his great renown and notoriety crossed the borders internationally within the watchmaker world. At that time, they stood out for their chronographs and their sophisticated models, pieces that were characterized by an overwhelming precision in each of their machines. A sample of their excellence were the numerous awards they received during those years.

First changes …

In 1918, William Baume, manager of the company, merged synergies with Paul Mercier and founded Baume & Mercier, a company that

From this moment stood out for its models and forms of watches, pieces made with a craftsmanship and unusual quality.

Paul Mercier during the golden years 20 worried about making pieces for the woman since it was a target audience very surrendered and interested in showing off his dolls. Just at this time, they launched the Marquise, an all-female watch. Such was the fame, that this milestone marked a before and after in the watch production of the company. From that moment, they would start to create exclusive watch models for women.

Your fingerprints in the watchmaking world …

The launch of new watches coupled with brand new, timeless and elegant designs have made Baume & Mercier a world-famous watch manufacturer.

From then until today, Baume & Mercier has been a distinguished watch brand, very fine, innovative, perfectionist and with an aesthetic that seeks to mark an important moment in the lives of men and women.

Currently, Baume & Mercier markets 5 large collections:

Hampton: Collection of watches for men and women of square esthetics to get away from all conventions. Chic pieces, modern and very transcendental in the world of high watchmaking. Unique watches but at the same time very plural for women, raised as a jewel.

Copeland: Men’s watches considered “sport-chic” as they blend traditional and vintage design with contemporary daily/sport functionality. It is an original collection but at the same time very elegant.

Classima: Collection of men with flat designs that symbolize the classic and simple watch of a lifetime. The philosophy of this collection is that the whole clock is reduced to the essential, while the main focus of attention. Classima is elegant, minimalist and pure in all its current and old pieces.

Line: Collection of watches for elegant and very dynamic women. Sophisticated and complete watches thanks to their interchangeable straps. A clock designed as a daily jewel for women.

Clifton: Vintage watch designed to satisfy the man who lives in the big cities and looks for something that identifies him. Ideal for people looking for a classic and contemporary timepiece. A refined line composed of formal, simple and serious models.

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The magic formula of Baume & Mercier: quality, refinement, and design

Baume & Mercier is a brand that is characterized by the combination of modernity, tradition, authenticity and creativity.

His constant triumph in the watchmaking world is based on finding the right balance between the aesthetics of the watch (design) and its technical production.

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