Overview of Women’s watches Axcent of Scandinavia X12184-007

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What is Scandinavia associated with? Far northern countries, permafrost and volcanoes, Vikings, and fjords. The Swedish fashion brand Axcent of Scandinavia decided to place its accents in the understanding of the north by the southern girls. The name of the collection of women’s digital watches Bliss translates as “happiness.” Happiness to live in the north, the happiness to have beautiful things, the happiness to keep up with the advanced technologies, the happiness to know that your time is subject only to you!

Features of Axcent of Scandinavia X12184-007

X12184-007 X12184-001
Type of mechanism: quartz quartz
Housing: steel steel
Clock face: the black silver
A bracelet: rubber, silicone rubber, silicone
Water protection: 50metrov 50metrov
Backlight: electroluminescent electroluminescent
Sound signal: alarm clock alarm clock
Glass: mineral mineral

Axcent of Scandinavia X12184-007

Black watch, white watch, steel case … at first glance – a standard pair set. But the clock is not as simple as it seems at first glance. After all, they are digital and hence multifunctional. Are there many digital watches from ordinary fashion brands? Here is the first ascent. Keep reading: Swiss men’s watch Alpina Startimer Pilot AL-710B4S6


Stopwatch, timer, second-time-zone, electroluminescent backlight and, of course, the alarm clock. A complete set for a comfortable life in the rhythm of the Big City! “Fat” bezel for giving weight and engraving with the name of the brand – on the side of the case, on a rubber bracelet and a classic buckle.

Axcent of Scandinavia X12184-007


The dial is protected by mineral glass. And the back cover is decorated with an uncomplicated design and engraving with technical data.

Watches have a standard waterproof to 50 meters, and therefore, will withstand acquaintance with water – the main thing to refrain from extreme.

The case has a very large, directly say non-knitted diameter, 45 mm – and this is another accent, emphasizing your strong-willed character, as well as awareness of fashion trends. You might also like: http://dressonline.info/2018/07/04/get-sport-chic-style/

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