Review of aviator bristol scout watch

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Legendary aircraft from different eras and countries have always been the main source of inspiration for the Swiss brand Aviator. The watch company remains true to itself and its name. To date, in its portfolio, there are collections dedicated to the Russian jet fighters MiG-21, MiG-29 and MiG-35, the American World War II participant Airacobra, passenger aircraft Douglas. England is mentioned by the all-wooden biplane, which participated in the First World War from 1914, it was called aviator bristol scout watch. It is about him and the watches dedicated to him that today he will speak.

Aviator bristol scout watch

aviator bristol scout watch

The plane Bristol Scout With the number 1264 under the direction of ace Francis Bunny Bremmer in 1917 made a series of incredibly dangerous take-offs along the Greek-Bulgarian border, its main purpose was to collect intelligence and deliver ammunition. To the 100th anniversary of this feat, Rick, and David Bremmer, the pilot’s grandsons, recreated a copy of the biplane from original details, and then repeated the route from Thassos Island in the northern Aegean to the Balkans. Keep reading: Invitation to take off! Men’s Watch Aviator Mig-29 Chrono

Models Aviator V. and V., dedicated to the legendary aircraft, as if they got to us through the funnel of time straight from a remote period of history. The retro design of aviation subjects will not leave anyone indifferent. The real men’s watches made in Switzerland seem to establish an indestructible bond between generations. The limited edition is limited to 300 copies of each version.

The historical design of the watch also supports hidden from the eyes content – inside beats the mechanic with self-winding Sellita SW290-1, a modification of the well-known caliber SW200. The second hand moved to the separate dial, and the number of precious stones increased – now there are 31, three more than two hundred. Other characteristics remain the same.

The architecture of the dial

aviator bristol scout watch

The spacious dial is made of two-tiered. The outer ring with minute markers hangs over the rest of the surface, creating a volumetric effect. The second hand, as mentioned above, is rendered for nine hours, its point is covered with varnish.

In the model executed in dark scale, the white tip contrasts with the face of the dial, this gives good perception and readability in general. In a light model, applying white paint on the clock hand with a white dial turned out to be beautiful, but the inefficient solution, seconds are difficult to guess.

On the contrary – at the “3:00” mark – the date window is located, the current one is visible through the aperture (the triangle points to it), yesterday’s and tomorrow’s number. The hour and minute hands to match the scale of the hull are wide straight swords filled with the luminescent composition. The dial hides, as befits a premium watch, under a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating.

The difference between the two brothers

aviator bristol scout watch

The first and main difference between the models is, of course, in color, but with closer study, there were other details. The “dark” version of Aviator V. has a black matte PVD coating on the case, the faces of the ears are polished at the same time. In the same color solution, a “face” and a watch strap are made. If you look closely at the small dial given to the second hand, here we see that its surface covers the guilloche pattern in the form of tiny concentric circles. The brand logo is an overlay plate made of metal. Another nuance – in the model in black, the light-composition Superluminova is applied to numbers, arrows, and minute markers.

“Light” model Aviator V., respectively, is made in a case of polished stainless steel 316L, with which the white dial is especially effective.

Pocket wrist watch

The large diameter and the puffy shape of the case, the unusual strap attachment, the big ears, which seem to continue the strap, and not the body, all this clearly refers us to the era at the dawn of aviation, which coincided with the appearance of a wristwatch. Such a bulbous crown with a brand logo could easily stand on the watch 150 years ago.

Paintings in metal

aviator bristol scout watch

The back cover is solid, on screws, in a black watch, it is the same color as the body. Mark tries to make a watch that looks nice not only to those around him but also personally to their owner, without ignoring even the details hidden from extraneous eyes.

In addition to technical information and indicating the serial number of the watch series, the lid depicts legendary aircraft. And the pictures are different: on the “dark” V. we see the general view of the device, and on the “light” V. it is concrete Bristol Scout with serial number 1264, one of the two planes of this type existing in our days, No. 1264 was lovingly restored by the children of the pilot who ran it.

Correct mounting

The belt is one of the important elements of this aviator bristol scout watch. The dense skin band is equally colored on both sides, stitched with contrasting threads and crowned by a large tub with a wide spike. The main feature is the attachment to the shackle – the ends are overlapped and fastened with large steel buttons. You might also like:

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